Free by 35 – Freedom 35 Blog Begins

First Post. – Nov 2010

Freedom 35 Begins.

By background: Eight months after I started my career in 2008 I saved just enough of a down payment to purchase an apartment close to where I work and moved out from my parents’ basement.

Since then I have enjoyed the freedom of living independently. I’ve learned the importance of paying my mortgage and utilities on time. I’ve recently paid off my student loans and have started to invest in the stock market.

My plan is to become financially independent around my 35th birthday (year 2022.) Hence the freedom 35 theme. Financial independence to me means having enough income generating assets to pay for all my needs and expenses.


I plan to reach this goal through living within my means, taking advantage of opportunities when they arise, and investing wisely in the financial markets.

Will I succeed? Only one way to know for sure.
And this blog will track my progress.

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