Oct 082013

Most investments I blog about are moderate to aggressive in nature. Some readers may feel neglected because they’re looking for a more conservative (safe) way to invest. Well if you’re one of those people then today’s post is for you 🙂

13-10-liquidstampEarlier this week I mailed a letter. When I went to buy a booklet of stamps however I noticed they didn’t have any indication of value on them. Instead of “63¢” I only found the letter “P” in the corner of the stamps. The friendly post office lady, Jackie, kindly explained that these are Permanent Stamps 🙂 They are always accepted at the current domestic postage price. So if we buy a Permanent Stamp today, we can still use it at any time in the future. No more adding those 1 or 2 cent stamps when the postal rates increase 😎 Hallelujah  \(~o~)/

Why have I not heard of this brilliant investment opportunity before? I must have been living under a rock all this time lol 😀 These perma-stamps were first introduced to Canada in 2006. Back then regular stamps sold for 51 cents. Today they sell for 63 cents as I mentioned earlier. That means if you bought perma-stamps 7 years ago, they would be worth 24% more today!  [63¢/51¢]

On average that’s a 3% return per year 🙂  [(63¢/51¢)^(1/7yrs)]

YearStamp Price


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