Dec 152013

Earlier this year I wrote an article about how to invest in non-denominated stamps, eg: Canada’s Permanent Stamps.

I purchased a coil of stamps at 63 cents each with the assumption that as the price of stamps increase over time (like they have been doing throughout history) my stamps would also increase in value to match the domestic postage price at any present time in the future. Well last week Canada Post announced that next year these stamps are going to cost 85 cents each when bought in a coil or booklet 🙂 And they will cost 100 cents each if bought individually. The changes will take effect at the end of March 2014.

This is great news for myself and any readers who have followed my investment idea. That’s a 35% (85/63) return on stamp investment in less than one year (⌒▽⌒)Many small businesses who send a lot of letters are angry about the planned price hike, so that means there is a good amount of demand for stamps out there adding liquidity in the stamp market 😉

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Oct 082013

Most investments I blog about are moderate to aggressive in nature. Some readers may feel neglected because they’re looking for a more conservative (safe) way to invest. Well if you’re one of those people then today’s post is for you 🙂

13-10-liquidstampEarlier this week I mailed a letter. When I went to buy a booklet of stamps however I noticed they didn’t have any indication of value on them. Instead of “63¢” I only found the letter “P” in the corner of the stamps. The friendly post office lady, Jackie, kindly explained that these are Permanent Stamps 🙂 They are always accepted at the current domestic postage price. So if we buy a Permanent Stamp today, we can still use it at any time in the future. No more adding those 1 or 2 cent stamps when the postal rates increase 😎 Hallelujah  \(~o~)/

Why have I not heard of this brilliant investment opportunity before? I must have been living under a rock all this time lol 😀 These perma-stamps were first introduced to Canada in 2006. Back then regular stamps sold for 51 cents. Today they sell for 63 cents as I mentioned earlier. That means if you bought perma-stamps 7 years ago, they would be worth 24% more today!  [63¢/51¢]

On average that’s a 3% return per year 🙂  [(63¢/51¢)^(1/7yrs)]

YearStamp Price


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