About You


Who are the readers of Freedom 35 Blog? 


About Your locations: 

66% of visitors are from Canada
22% are from the U.S.
4% are from the U.K.
8% are from everyone else around the world



About Your Annual Incomes: 

14% make from $0 to $40,000
34% make from $40,000 to $80,000
52% make over $80,000
37% make six-figure or more
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About Your Household Debts:

33% of visitors are completely debt free
The median debt level is between $25K to $100K
27% have more than $500,000 of debt
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About Your Careers: 

14% work in health care
12% work in financial services
22% work in professional/tech
8% are students
10% are retired
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About Your Net Worths:

10% have net worths of $50,000 or less
14% have a net worth over $1,000,000
The median reader is worth about $350,000, which is about 50% more than the median net worth for all Canadians
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About Your Fantasy Superpowers:

45% believes reading minds is the best superpower
21% thinks the ability to fly is the best
19% would like the ability to become invisible
The least popular superpower is shape-shifting with 2% of the votes
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About Your Positions on Oil Prices and Daylight Saving Time:

59% prefer living in a higher oil price environment than lower
71% agree that it’s time we eliminated daylight saving time in this country
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  2 Responses to “About You”

  1. What? Only 2% picked shape-shifter? That’s crazy town! After all – if you have the ability to change shape, you could fly, have super human strength AND be invisible (invisible-ish anyway – who sees that tick sitting on the board room table?)

    Hmmm, I realized I ‘randomly’ picked a blood sucking insect to be invisible in a boardroom…the ol’ subconscious was screaming out loud there wasn’t it?

    • I initially thought the ability to fly would be amazing. But now that you put it like that, shape-shifting actually sound more appealing. 🙂

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