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Abysmal Savings

According to a new study by the CGA Association of Canada, 1/3rd of Canadians are living paycheck to paycheck 🙁  The consensus was that the people surveyed believed their incomes were not “keeping pace with the cost of living.”  Sigh (-_-;) If only they understood how to hedge their expenses against inflation protected investments like consumer staples that have a… Read More »

Easy Grocery Savings – Part 1

Saving Money on Groceries This post is all about grocery savings. How much do you normally spend on groceries each month? According to an OSEC report Canadians spent about 84 billion on groceries in 2010. On average that’s roughly $205 a month per person. 🙂 According to the US department of Agriculture, the average American in 2009 spent around $150 a month from food… Read More »