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How Much To Spend on Dating

Dating can be expensive. All those dinners and movies can add up over time. According to a Match.com survey of 5,500 singles in the U.S., the average unmarried American spent about $1,600 on their dating life in 2016. That’s about $133 per month. When broken down by gender, men spent $150 per month on average, while women spent $120 per… Read More »

An Honest Look at Online Dating

Apparently people who use online dating websites are richer, taller, thinner, and better looking than the average person. At least, that’s what they write about themselves. 😛 Hey, who would’ve guessed? But how honest are people really when it comes to sharing their personal information on dating sites? Some women approaching 30 seek a man-date to get married. But they have to be… Read More »