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Questionable ideas and philosophies that may not float everyone’s boat. Please use your own discretion here.

Playing the Lottery

In a recent poll commissioned by the Bank of Montreal, 34% of Canadians say they are planning to fund their retirement by winning the lottery. That has to be the most optimistic retirement plan I’ve ever heard of 😆 Most personal finance experts will probably tell you that buying lottery tickets is a waste of money and isn’t… Read More »

Go With The Flow – Student Loan Debt

The Student Loan Dilemma Many students are hesitant to take out student loans. Is improving your human capital through further education a good reason to take on debt? The Changing Times In 2002 there was $300 billion federal student loans outstanding in the US. Today it’s more than $900 billion. Part of this dramatic increase is due to the… Read More »

$25,000 Farm Fund Complete – Liquidity For the Win

Earlier this year I wrote about buying a Saskatchewan property at an auction 🙂 But I had to raise $25,000 by the completion date, or I lose my deposit forever! 🙁 The seller has since pushed back the original completion date to October (lucky me) but regardless of the extension I’ve successfully secured the rest of my downpayment… Read More »