First YouTube live stream

Live Q&A on April 24, 2022

I answered some questions on YouTube over the weekend.

You can see the video here.

Thanks to everyone who joined. There were some really great questions ranging in topics from crypto, to stocks, and real estate. πŸ™‚

I accidentally started streaming an hour later than expected due to technical difficulties.


Some of the questions explored in the video:

  • Best cryptocurrency over the next 5 years.
  • Biggest lesson I’ve learned about stock investing.
  • Which asset class is my favourite.
  • Which indicators to pay attention to when looking for a good time to buy real estate.
  • My thoughts on REITs.
  • Where I think the real estate market is headed over the next year.
  • Trading advice for beginners.


Next week there will be a regular video on personal finance as usual, as well my options trading summary for April.


Random Useless Fact:

The median salary of a Java developer is $84,000 US.


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D Investor
D Investor
04/26/2022 12:26 pm

Hey Liquid – I missed the livestream but it was great video content and charts to explain the questions.

One question I would have asked if I had joined.. πŸ™‚

How are you handling the overall number of stock positions to follow in your portfolio?

I’m personally at around 75 positions – as I prefer to make my own diversified mix of dividend and growth stocks versus paying MER fees with ETFs. Although I am finding I don’t want to increase it too much more given the volume of companies to track, reviewing quarterly reports, news releases, etc. It is taking me quite a bit of time (which I enjoy) but I could see in future years reducing that number of positions.


D Investor
D Investor
04/27/2022 11:54 am

Yeah I think I need to ‘forget’ my positions more as well…trust and rely on my initial analysis when I first purchased. πŸ™‚

04/29/2022 8:45 pm
Reply to  D Investor

Do a quick review once a year. Reaffirm your original thesis, then forget about it for another year.

04/26/2022 10:09 pm

I enjoyed the live stream. Thanks for answering my questions.
I figured you’d be a big ol’ teddy bear in real life but didn’t expect it to be literal!

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