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Where do people get the money to buy expensive houses?

High income and cheap credit Why are real estate prices so high? Isn’t the economy still recovering? Yes. Millions have lost their jobs and many are still looking for work. But recessions don’t affect everyone equally. The number of high income individuals is often underestimated. So in today’s post I’ll explain how people can afford to buy multi-million dollar… Read More »

Budget-Friendly Ways to Upgrade a Rental

By | 05/11/2021

As a property owner, property maintenance tends to take up a good chunk of your revenue. Fortunately, there are several things you can do to keep your property in pristine condition while increasing your rental income at the same time. In today’s post, we take a look at some budget-friendly upgrades to consider when it comes to improving… Read More »

Island economics – Is the United States in trouble?

The US dollar fell last month and probably has further to drop. The US is facing massive stagflation pressures as it deals with rising prices, but no economic growth. This happened before in the 1970s. Here are 3 primary catalysts explaining why it’s happening again today. The US government butchered the pandemic response compared to other parts of the world… Read More »