What bank transaction codes mean

Transaction Codes

Over the years I have seen many different types of activities in my bank accounts. But sometimes I don’t know what the transaction codes mean. And I’m left scratching my head as to what I’m being paid or charged for. Here’s an example of my account statement.

transaction codes can be difficult to understand sometimes.

So to make life easier I’ve compiled a list of account actions with the different abbreviations and what they represent. Most of these transaction codes will apply to TD Canada Trust and Direct Investing accounts. I don’t know if other institutions use the same bank codes but they will probably look similar. πŸ™‚

List of codes

Use Ctrl+F to find a specific code.

  • ACCT BAL REBATE – Account balance rebate.
  • BUY – Buying a security.
  • COB DIS CREDIT – Cost of Borrowing credit for over charging.
  • CONVER – A security in the portfolio underwent a corporate action in which it was exchanged for another security.
  • CSHLIEU – Cash was awarded for partial shares in a corporate action in which shares of a new security were exchanged or when a split has taken place.
  • CXLSELL – Original sell trade was cancelled due to a system error.
  • CXLBUY – Original buy trade was cancelled due to a system error.
  • CXLDIV – Dividend payout was cancelled due to a system error.
  • CXLINT or CXLINTBND – Interest paid on a bond was cancelled due to a system error.
  • CXLINTCRD – Interest received for cash held in a portfolio was cancelled due to a system error.
  • CXLINTDEB – Interest paid on a margin loan was cancelled due to a system error.
  • CXLDRI – Possibly a dividend payment in cash was cancelled, but received a DRIP instead.
  • DIV – A dividend was paid.
  • DIVFRG – Foreign dividend earned.
  • DIVSPL – A stock held in your portfolio split or new shares have been added to the portfolio.
  • DRIP – Shares or units bought using the dividend re-investment plan
  • EXCH – Exchange of securities.
  • FEE Fee or carrying charge applied.
  • INT –Β  Interest on a security has been paid.
  • INTBND – Interest has been paid on a bond in the portfolio.
  • INTCRD – Interest was received for cash held in your portfolio.
  • INTUS – Interest earned in US dollars.
  • INTDEB – Interest was paid on a margin loan.
  • LQD – A liquidation of a security has taken place.
  • MERGER – Company merged with another company and has a new ticker symbol. Both symbols will be listed.
  • NRT – Non-resident tax.
  • PRNCPL – Security has been redeemed for cash.
  • REDEEM – Security has been redeemed for cash.
  • REVSPLT – A stock in your portfolio experienced a reverse split.
  • SELL – A security in the portfolio was sold.
  • SEND E-TFR – Sending an E-Transfer to someone.
  • SHORT COVER – Closing of a short position by covering the short.
  • SHORT SELL – A short position was opened and stocks were short sold.
  • SPNOFF – A spinoff of a parent company has taken place. Look for shares of a new security.
  • STK EX – The ticker symbol, CUSIP, or the company name changed for a security that was in your portfolio.
  • TENDER – A security has been redeemed for cash.
  • TXPDDV – Tax paid dividend. A cash transfer that can include dividends, interest, capital gains distribution or return of capital where no additional taxes will be paid by you. This is common for Canadian ETFs or income trusts.
  • TSF FR – Transfer from.
  • TFR-IN – Transfer into an account.
  • TFROUT – Transfer out from account.
  • WBD – Β Transfer in of money from another account – usually the description will include TSF FR (account number.)
  • WHTX02 – Withholding tax from a U.S. stock or other security.


Keep in mind that these transaction codes may be different than what will ultimately appear on your year-end tax slip. Sometimes banks and brokerages use default designations for convenience and may vary from the tax documents they send to you and the CRA. Whether you are using WebBroker or another online service make sure to ask a representative if you are unsure of any activities in your account.


Other codes you may see

Additional codes and descriptions from TD’s website:

Codes Description Codes Description
ACR Automated Credit ADM Automated Debit
ADR Authorized Debit AGR Agriculture Stabilization
AID Automatic Interest ANN Annuity
APM Authorized/Automated Payment APY Automated Payroll
CB Cashback CC Certified Cheque
CCQ Customer Cheques CDC Canadian Dairy Commission
CFS Canadian Forces Superannuation CHQ Cheque
CLS Close Account CM Credit Memo
COR Correction CPC CPC Direct Deposit
CPN Coupon Credit CPP CPP Direct Deposit
CRC Credit Correction CSB Canada Savings Bond
CTB Child Tax Benefit DEL Debit Deletion
DEP Deposit DIV Dividend
DM Debit Memo DRC Debit Correction
FA Family Allowance Direct Deposit FED General Government Payment
FSC Foreign ABM S/C FWD Forward
GC TD Canada Trust Access Card Transaction (Other Branch) GMD Green Machine Deposit
GMP Green Machine Bill Payment GMT Green Machine Transfer
GMW Green Machine Withdrawal GST. Goods and Services Tax
ICR Interest Credit IDR Interest Debit
INS Insurance Payment INW Interac Withdrawal
LCR Loan Proceeds LDR Loan Payment
LIN Loan Interest MLD Mail Deposit
MTG Mortgage Payment NRT Non-Resident Tax
NSF NSF Charge OAS Old Age Security Direct Deposit
ODC Overdraft Charge PAY Payroll Credit/Wages
PEN Pension P/C Purchase/Cashback
PR Purchase/Return PSA Public Service Superannuation
PSC Purchase Service Charge PTC Personal Transfer Credit
PTD Personal Transfer Debit PTS Personal Transfer
PUR Purchase PW Plus ABM Withdrawal
REO Re-Open Account, Close Account Correction RIF RIF Deposit
RTD Returned Cheque RSP RSP Contribution
SC Service Charge SDB Safety Deposit Box Rent
SK Safekeeping Charge TAX Tax Refund
TCR Transfer Credit TRM Term Investment
UCN Unclaimed Balance Notice UI Unemployment Insurance
UGM US Dollar GM Withdrawal UPD Update
VW Visa ABM Withdrawal WD Withdrawal
WHT Withholding Tax WTC Debit Reversal Correction
WTR Withholding Tax Reversal WVA War Veteran’s Allowance Direct Deposit

Tax Payment & Filing Description Codes


Tax Payment Type Description Code
Payroll deductions – Threshold 1 – Twice monthly (source deductions $15M – $50M monthly) EMPTX
Payroll deductions – Threshold 2 – Weekly (source deductions over $50M monthly EMPTX
Payroll deductions – Monthly EMPTX
Corporate Tax TXINS
Personal Tax Installments TXINS
GST Return (GST34) GST34
GST Remittance (GST58) GST58


Tax Payment Type Description Code
Alberta Teachers’ Retirement Payment ATRF
Alberta Teachers’ Association Payment ATA
Alberta School Employee Benefit Payment ASEBP
Alberta School Employee Health Spending Account ASEHS

PROVINCIAL – British Columbia

Tax Payment Type Description Code
Social Service Tax (Provincial Sales Tax) BCSST

PROVINCIAL – Nova Scotia

Tax Payment Type Description Code
Workers’ Compensation Board WCBNS


Tax Payment Type Description Code
Family Responsibility Office, Ministry of the Attorney General MAG
Employer Health Tax ONEHT
Provincial Corporations Tax ONCT
Retail Sales Tax (return) ONRST
Retail Sales Tax (payment) ONRST


Tax Payment Type Description Code
Combined Sales Tax and GST (TVQ & TPS) TXIN
Combined Sales Tax and GST Installment DECOR
Corporate Installment Remittance GSTIN
G.S.T. Installment GST
G.S.T. Remittance PAY
Payroll Source Deductions – Monthly PAY
Payroll Source Deductions – Twice monthly PAY
Payroll Source Deductions – Weekly COREC
Personal Installment Remittance TXIN
Sales Tax Installment (QST) QSTIN
Sales Tax Remittance (TVQ) TVQAP
Support Payments RPPAQ
Remittance of Source Deductions (Quarterly) PAY

PROVINCIAL – Saskatchewan

Tax Payment Type Description Code
Provincial Sales Tax SKTAX
Corporate Capital Tax Installment SKCOR
Fuel Tax SKFUL
Liquor Consumption Tax SKLQR
Retailer Tobacco Tax SKTOB
Wholesale Tobacco Tax SKTOB

More transaction codes will added as this page is updated over time.


Random Useless Fact:

Β The world’s oldest stock market began in Belgium in 1460.




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06/29/2020 6:38 am

GST = Gouge and Screw Tax


Robert Ruth
Robert Ruth
12/11/2022 11:26 pm
Reply to  RICARDO

Government Slave Tip, we slave, they get the tip, lol

07/02/2020 5:01 am

“TXPDDV” confuses me. I think all my ETF distributions have this code (I use TD WebBroker too), but I still owe income tax on these distributions (except in RRSP and TFSA, of course). Thank you for bringing-up this topic!

Money Mechanic
07/10/2020 4:58 pm

Wow, great list! I always wondered what TXPDDV was when I saw it, but was too lazy to look it up. I knew it was something about tax and dividend. LOL

Derwood Cando
Derwood Cando
10/02/2020 10:54 am

Thank you for posting this! I was just looking at my TD account and saw TPXDDV. Wondering how that differed from DIV, I did a web search and found this info supplied by you. Again, thank you.

(FYI – the abbreviation you mentioned above – CSHLIEU – actually appears as ‘CIL’ in my TD Webbroker account.)

11/03/2020 5:49 am

Thank you for posting this. Why the banks don’t list their codes somewhere convenient for their customers to find is beyond me. Cheers.

02/12/2021 12:31 pm


I think it means the div is cancelled and dripped instead

11/15/2022 3:45 pm

What does SEP A: and a bunch of numbers mean ?

Susan L
Susan L
12/17/2023 4:21 pm

Hi, Can you please tell me what alts FTD means?