Oct 2017 Fiscal Update

This was one of the best months of the year in terms of investment gains. The stronger U.S. dollar and farmland rent income were very helpful for me. Furthermore, Amazon.com reported its financials last week and the results were stronger than expected. AMZN stock shot up 13% that day. Hurray! 😀

Check out the stock market performance since August below. The gains are incredible for just 3 months. 🙂 Dow Jones is up 6.79%, S&P/TSX Composite is up 5.82%, and Nasdaq is up 5.98%. It’s a good time to be long in stocks. 🙂

Liquid’s Financial Update

*Side Incomes:

  • Part-Time = $700
  • Freelance = $1000
  • Dividends = $900
  • Interest = $800
  • Rent = $4700
*Discretionary Spending:
  • Fun = $400
  • Debt Interest = $1300

*Net Worth: (ΔMoM)

  • Assets: = $1,136,400 total (+14,700)
  • Cash = $7,800 (+4200)
  • Canadian stocks = $156,900 (+5200)
  • U.S. stocks = $101,800 (+7900)
  • U.K. stocks = $21,100 (+900)
  • RRSP = $89,200 (+5300)
  • Mortgage Funds = $31,900 (+600)
  • Peer-to-Peer Lending = $21,700 (+200)
  • SolarShare Bonds = $0 (-9600)
  • Home = $270,000
  • Farms = $436,000
  • Debts: = $470,800 total (-3,900)
  • Mortgage = $181,300 (-400)
  • Farm Loans = $186,800 (-500)
  • Margin Loans = $57,700 (+100)
  • TD Line of Credit = $8,000  (-1400)
  • CIBC Line of Credit = $22,000 (-1000)
  • HELOC = $15,000 (-700)

*Total Net Worth = $665,600 (+$18,600 / +2.9%)
All numbers above are in $CDN. 

Last month I mentioned my year end goal was to have a net worth of $675,000. There are two more months to go. I think I can do it. 🙂 I have decided to remove my Solarshare bonds from my asset list to simplify my net worth calculation. Similar to my Ethereum holdings, Solarshare bonds will no longer be in my monthly update going forward.


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11/01/2017 6:50 am

Amazing month!! Do you do the smith maneuver with your HELOC?

11/02/2017 10:00 pm

“It’s a good time to be long in stocks.“ – I think you just confirmed for me that top is around the corner. Thank you.

Finance Journey
11/01/2017 9:28 am

It is amazing time to be investor; however, it is not a good news for those who are in accumulating stage (like me). I love to see my net-worth go higher month after month, but I am little hesitating to pay more money to buy quality assets.

What was the reason to remove SolarBond and digital-currency from your assets? They are assets too (in my opinion).

Finance Journey
11/03/2017 7:02 am

Thank you Liquid for your response. It makes sense. $10 000 is just less than 1% of your assets – I hope you feel very rich now 🙂 .


Brad Confrey
Brad Confrey
11/01/2017 2:24 pm

Hi Liquid,

I own a property in Vancouver, and know that your one bedroom even if located in the surrounding cities would be worth between 350G-1M.

Is your argument for this that it is not an asset but more simply a place to live?

Liquid Independence
Liquid Independence
11/01/2017 9:12 pm
Reply to  Brad Confrey

That’s one reason. The other is I don’t like large fluctuations in my net worth from year to year. I update my real estate price every January. So I prefer to increase it based on the inflation rate rather than the market or government assessed value, which can change drastically from year to year.

Tom @ Dividends Diversify
11/02/2017 1:05 pm

Hi Liquid,
Indeed, the markets have been treating us well. All the best on hitting your year end goal. Tom

11/07/2017 2:40 am

I loved your side income number, especially the dividend income and rental income.
These are two of my favorite passive income sources. Great job!

Thanks for sharing!

Dividend Diplomats
Dividend Diplomats
11/08/2017 9:37 pm

Great month Liquid. Looks like things are moving in the right direction. I do not own AMZN since they do not pay a dividend, but man was there a lot of great buzz around their recent earnings release. Are you considering selling at all and taking some of your gains to the bank? Or will you hold this position for a while?