Monthly Archives: June 2017

How to Reduce the Cost of Urban Commuting – Get a Scooter

According to Chelsea Fagan, founder of the Financial Diet, transportation is one of the biggest unseen costs in people’s lives. Americans on average spend about “9% to 25% of their monthly budget” on transportation. That’s a pretty large portion of one’s take home pay. 😮 The surprising thing is, most people can easily cut their transportation costs down by… Read More »

Amazon Buys Whole Foods for $13.7 Billion

The Largest Name in Retail Continues to Grow (AMZN) recently announced it’s taking over the trendy supermarket chain, Whole Foods. At the beginning of this year I wrote an article which included a prediction that this would happen. Maybe Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos got the idea from reading my blog. 🙂 Whole Foods sells healthy, organic products.… Read More »

May 2017 Fiscal Update

U.S. Unemployment Rate Drops to 4.3% U.S. job growth slowed in May, which suggests the labor market was losing momentum despite the unemployment rate falling to a 16-year low of 4.3%. The problem with the unemployment number is that it doesn’t account for people who are out of the workforce because they gave up trying to find a… Read More »

How Much To Spend on Dating

Dating can be expensive. All those dinners and movies can add up over time. According to a survey of 5,500 singles in the U.S., the average unmarried American spent about $1,600 on their dating life in 2016. That’s about $133 per month. When broken down by gender, men spent $150 per month on average, while women spent $120 per… Read More »