Monthly Archives: April 2016

Effective Retirement Planning Can Be This Simple

How to Think About Retirement Planning Some people are reluctant to accept change, especially cashiers because nobody likes to count nickels and dimes. But the world is constantly changing and the retirements of generation Y will look very different than generation X. The trend towards a gig economy has only just begun. In the private sector less people are working… Read More »

Cheap and Easy Beef Stew Recipe

If you have a beef with inflation, you’re not alone. It’s becoming frustratingly hard these days to shop for food on a budget. But there is no reason to get ourselves in a stew about it. Oh wait. Maybe there is. 😉 Welcome to another fun edition of cooking with Liquid! One of the most delicious yet affordable meats to buy is… Read More »

Alternative Views on Debt and Wealth

“The more debt I have the richer I get”  It’s easy for the Irish to build wealth, because their capital is always Dublin. But the rest of us have to find others ways to grow our net worth. I recently listened to an episode of Palisade Radio, where the host, Collin Kettell, interviewed Robert Kiyosaki, an American investor and the author behind the… Read More »

Jaw Dropping Returns – Farmland Prices Jumped 10% in 2015

To become a successful farmer you have to be outstanding in your field, if you know what I mean. But as most investors know, commodity prices have been in a slump over the past couple of years. This means many grain farmers have to live a very tough life. Perhaps some of them barley survive from wheat to wheat! But things may not… Read More »