Monthly Archives: July 2014

Canada’s Richest

Meet the 5 wealthiest peoples in Canada, their net worths, and their source of wealth. 1) Thomson family. $26.1 billion. +30% from previous year. Thomson Reuters, Globe and Mail. 2) Galen Weston. $10.4 billion. +24% from previous year. Loblaw Cos. Ltd., Holt Renfrew 3) Irving family. $7.9 billion. -3% from previous year. Irving Oil ltd., J. D. Irving Ltd. 4) Rogers family. $7.6 billion. +18% from previous year. Rogers… Read More »

First World Problems for Investors

It’s not easy being an investor these days. We’re facing higher taxes. We’re being vilified by the media, and we often feel distanced from our friends and families because of our life choices. The struggles we face are real 😐 but our voices have not been heard. Below are several examples of first world investor’s problems. The Crude Reality During the last… Read More »

A Collection of Mean Comments – Part 1

Achieving Blog Notoriety So I Googled my blog for fun, to see if it shows up on the front page. Well in doing so I have discovered something else that’s quite interesting. It appears people on the internet who aren’t bloggers have been talking about my site. 😀 So I’ve decided to share some of those comments with you guys today. I’m too… Read More »