Toast Sandwich Recipe and Review

The Cheapest Sandwich

Long time readers will know that I like to share practical ways to save money that you won’t find on any other finance blog 🙂 Well I hope you like frugal recipe ideas, because today I will show you the Toast Sandwich recipe.

This classic recipe dates back to the Victorian era. Invented in the 19th century in the UK, the toast sandwich recipe is known for being the cheapest lunchtime meal ever. In 2011 Britain’s scientists from the Royal Society of Chemistry cited the cost of each sandwich to be just 7.5 UK pence, which is about 13 cents US.  Jesus Crust that is cheap! It’s also ridiculously simple to prepare and find the ingredients for. So let’s get started!


The toast sandwich recipe


Cooking Instructions:
1) Spread butter on a slice of bread
2) Add salt to taste and toast the bread
3) Place the toast between two other slices of bread

And that’s how you make a toast sandwich. 😀 Below is a picture of one I just made. For a healthier twist, I used whole wheat instead of plain white bread. Total cost was about $0.25.



My toast sandwich review

This frugal recipe is a smashing success! It tastes surprisingly good for what it is. The crunchiness of the toast combined with the soft texture of the bread actually works well together. The savoriness from the salt helps to bring out the flavors of the toast and melted butter. I would say it’s a bit on the dry side. But it’s more filling than a salad, so its got that goin’ for it, which is nice 😉  Overall I give this recipe 4 out of 5.  You can’t really ask for a better dish for the price of literally a quarter!

It’s not as filling as a homemade cheese burger. But cent for cent this is the best value money can buy, which makes it an ideal recession food. This traditional toast sandwich recipe has been passed down by frugal British families for generations. And now you know it too! So the next time you feel a bit peckish but have run out of eggs and mayo there’s no knead to sulk and loaf around. 😉 Just make yourself a toast sandwich! Om nom nom.



Random Useless Fact: 

According to recruiting company Simply Hired the average bread scientist makes $47,000 USD a year

14-06-bread-scientist toast sandwich recipe


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Financial Underdog
06/11/2014 7:52 pm

The only cheaper sandwich I know is a knuckle sandwich! 🙂

Financial independence
Financial independence
06/12/2014 1:03 am

There is a cheap UK dinner too: get a big bowl, some bread, add some sugar in it and keep mashing it. Add a little bit of water.

Do it a liquid or as hard as you want it to be. Eat, when ready. This is traditional farmer’s evening meal back 40 years ago.

06/12/2014 6:29 am

My father had two favourite sandwiches he brought with him from England and the war years. Sprinkle sugar between two slices of bread….Sugar sandwich! Another……bacon fat between two slices of bread…yummy. My parents used to save fat drippings in a bowl in the fridge that they used and reused. In a pinch, those fat drippings were slathered between two pieces of bread…lots of different favours all mixed together.

06/12/2014 7:18 am

Looking at your sandwich, I thought you have a chicken patty in there… I’m like how you come up with 25 cents, but then I realized it’s a toasted breaded inside lol. I like butter and sugar toast as a snack though.

Finance Journey
06/12/2014 8:54 am

Every work day I spend $2.67 for my breakfast. All I get is two slides of toasted bread with butter and a small coffee. From next Monday, I am going to use your secret recipe and going to be in a spending diet, so, I could save more than $2.00 per day or $500 per year from breakfast. All I need to do is wake up 10 mins earlier than usual.

As an dividend investor, I could invest the $500 and generate $20 per year passive income. If I follow this for three years, my dividend income will cover my breakfast cost. Not a bad idea!. 😀


Marie @ 724 Credit
Marie @ 724 Credit
06/13/2014 2:01 am

I love sandwich! It is my favorite snack ever. That sandwich looks so yummy! I will try it. Thanks for sharing.

06/13/2014 4:00 am

Holy $hit… I didn’t know that there was actually such a thing! My Dad (who’s from UK) made what he called bread and butter sandwiches for my husband and BIL’s when they went to help paint at my Dad’s house one day. We still laugh about this because cookings not my Dad’s forte.

06/13/2014 10:26 am

This recipe is too complex for me. Too many steps as I will stick with cereal. Whats next some thing fancy like Mac and Cheese?

Waffle Day! - Unique Gifter
08/25/2016 1:36 am

[…] Have you ever heard of a toast sandwich?  Neither had I.  Dietitians will have you running for the hills, but your pocket book will be happy.  Liquid has some way-back history on the toast sandwich, and says Jesus Crust.  Go have a giggle. […]

03/09/2023 10:18 am

big fan of stan the bread scientist!!!

please post more bread recipes?