Personal Finance Lessons from Bill Gates

Remember in Marvel’s The Avengers movie when Tony Stark (Iron Man) bragged about being a “genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist.“? Well I think Bill Gates is like the real life version of that 🙂

14-03-pickupline bill gates

How many times have we heard negative connotations towards money like the following phrases? Money is the root of all evil, money corrupts, money can’t buy happiness, etc. Interesting how it’s usually the poor who says these things. Which is most likely why they’ll stay that way because if they associate money with negativity, there’s less incentive to go after it 😕

But just because someone is rich, doesn’t mean he or she is greedy or vain. According to the latest numbers by Forbes, Mr. William H. Gates III is the richest person in the world today with a net worth of $77 billion as of March 2014.

But what’s even more impressive is how he has already donated over $30 billion over his life time so far. This means that if he had kept all his money from the beginning, he would have a net worth of over $100 billion dollars today! Which would probably be the first time in history for anyone to break the 12 figure net worth barrier.

Instead of making money for the sake of being rich, Bill Gates is leaving behind a much different legacy than many other billionaires. He is the the prime example of how great wealth can be used to make the world a better place 🙂

Here are some images I found on the internet depicting why Bill Gates is so awesome 😀




Financial lessons from Bill Gates.

Here are some words of wisdom we can take away from Mr. Gates.

  • With great wealth comes great responsibility 🙂
  • The more we give, the more we’ll have 🙂
  • Invest in good companies. For example, Bill owns more than 10% of Canadian National Railway, making him the single largest shareholder. Over the last 5 years that company has more than doubled in price. I’m actually thinking about buying some CNR stocks for myself now 🙂
  • Be humble even if you have fame and fortune 🙂 I’ll remember this when I reach millionaire status later in life.
  • Enjoy a frugal lifestyle. Despite being a billionaire Bill is known to reuse plastic bags, and drive around a block to find free parking.
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03/30/2014 4:51 pm

Very cool and inspiring post. It’s amazing some of the humanitarian activities he has done that don’t get much media attention. Anyone can help no matter what their income, but having billions makes it a lot easier!

03/30/2014 8:51 pm

Pursuit of money and wealth is the most logical way I can think of to improve this world. Whatever wealth built up by the time I am old and grey, the vast majority of it will go back to society where it will have the most impact, just like Buffett and Gates are in the midst of doing.


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