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According to brand consulting company Interbrand, Apple has overtaken Coke as the world’s number 1 brand last year πŸ˜€ Second place goes to Google! For more than a decade Coke has always been on top. No matter where you go in the world people will recognize the smooth taste of Coca Cola, but this time it has fallen to 3rd place.

The research estimates the value of Apple’s brand to be about $100 billion, which is a 28% increase from the previous year. That means the brand itself is worth roughly $110 per share. I invested in Apple stocks not long ago because I believe in the brand. Even though I don’t own any Apple products I trust their marketing and product line to deliver great returns to shareholders πŸ™‚

Few brands have enabled so many people to do so much so easily, which is why Apple has legions of adoring fans,

apple-logo-red best brands

Below is a look at the top 10 brands in the report.

Top 10 global brands


* = Companies I currently own

I think a smart way to invest is to put your money in companies that have strong brands. In fact, branding is one of the economic moats that will often keep a company profitable during recessions because people would want to buy goods and services from names they trust πŸ˜€

Looks like I have 4 out of 10 on that list so far. I will add Coke and IBM to my list of stocks to buy and maybe one day collect all 10 of the best brands in the world πŸ˜€

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03/08/2014 11:05 am

6 out of 10 are technology companies, and I was wondering how they can be recession proof stocks. We are not going to buy their products/service (except google) if we don’t have enough money, I mean recession period. I would invest more in consumer stables companies rather than technology.

03/18/2014 9:57 pm

Thanks for this list.