Swing Trade, Round 7: Buy SU SLW G

Commodity prices are low and resource companies in Canada have lost quite a bit of value recently. But did the world really change that much since March to warrant such a huge sell off? Maybe, I don’t know. The price of gold dropped like a sack of potatoes last week. But even at $1400 per ounce, gold production companies are still making about $600 in gross margin for every ounce they mine and sell, so their bottom line is still good (~_~) Stocks could get a lot worse before they get better again. However if this turns out to be the buying opportunity of the year then I don’t want to miss out(^v^) So it’s time for another swing trade 🙂

I’ve decided to trade Goldcorp, Silver Wheaton, and Suncor in my margin account. This means the bank will lend me money to buy stocks. In this case they’re lending me 70% of what I buy. But I have to cover the remaining 30% with cash. In other words I only need $30 of my own money to buy $100 worth of stocks 🙂 Earlier this morning I plunked down $2,000 to start a swing trade. This means I can buy roughly $6,670 worth of stocks because the bank is financing 70% or $4,670 of it 🙂

Initial Investment: $2,000.
Leveraged up to $6,679.
Transaction details below.

13_04_swingtrade7a, swing trade

I chose these companies because they are high quality, large cap stocks with over 50% institutional investors, so there is very little risk of them going down to zero. Let’s take Suncor for example. Here are 3 reason why I think it’s a good stock to buy now.

1) Stock analysts love this company. According to Globe Investor Suncor currently has 16 analysts reporting on it. 14 of which calls it a strong buy. These people spend way more time studying companies than I do. If their professional consensus shows that Suncor is a strong company then that’s probably a good sign 😀

2) High price target prediction. Stock analysts often have to come up with 12 month projections for where they think a stock will be. 1 year is a long time and it’s hard to get these estimates right. Some analysts will be bearish while others will be bullish so there will always be a range of predictions. In Suncor’s case, this range is between $36 to $48. That’s a pretty good target, considering where the stock is at today.

13_04_swingtrade7b swing trade suncor

3) Near 52 week low point and strong support. Suncor has maintained a nice technical support around the $27/share range for many years now. Today we are pretty much at that point again. If it stays within it’s 52 week range then there is a good chance it will go up from here.


I hope my leveraged trading strategy pays off 🙂 My plan this time is simple. Sell all 3 stocks once I make $1,000. Or BUY MORE if falling oil and gold/silver prices drag down commodity stocks even lower. I can lower my average cost of buying and make a profit later on. Will I be $1000 richer at the end of all this or will I lose big time? We’ll just have to wait and see 🙂

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The Dividend Engineer
04/20/2013 1:07 pm

I never thought about doing swing trades. To be honest, that seems a bit risky for me. Still, I would like to know more. What is your main criteria to select stocks suitable for swing trades? Thanks.