Guacamole Recipe

With the cost of food going up each year it’s becoming harder these days to eat healthy on a budget. Well here’s something nutritious and easy to make that can serve a small group of friends and doesn’t cost a lot of money :0) A guacamole dip can be eaten any time and is vegetarian friendly πŸ™‚ All you need are some onions, tomato, and of course avocado. You’ll also need something to dip with. In my case I’ll be using a regular baked bun. You can alsoΒ bake your own rolls, or use whatever kind of chips you like.


There’s no specific formula or need for a measuring cup.Β I’m using 1 avo and 1 tomato. But some people like to use 2 avos to a tomato, it’s up to your personal taste.

1) Slice and toast the bread in the oven for 5 to 10 min
2) Meanwhile, pit and peel the avocado and chop up everything else
3) Mash all the dip ingredients together with a fork, eh Voila, bon appΓ©titΒ οΌˆοΌΎβ—‡οΌΎοΌ‰


A simple healthy snack that only costs a couple dollars if you know where to shop for the ingredients and can be prepared in under 10 minutes. Just add salt and pepper to taste and serve πŸ™‚

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04/08/2013 7:54 am

This looks so yummy! I haven’t had guacamole in forever but now I’m craving it.

mochimac @ save. spend. splurge.

I love shallots, so I usually add that instead of green onions πŸ™‚

Mmmm. That does look good.

Girl Meets Debt (@girlmeetsdebt)
Girl Meets Debt (@girlmeetsdebt)
04/08/2013 11:01 am

This looks delicious! I need to make it now! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚

04/08/2013 12:37 pm

This looks yummy!!! You’re making me a bit hungry over here, lol. I’m like drooling over these food photos, lol.

KK @ Student Debt Survivor
04/08/2013 6:08 pm

Yum! Guac is one of my very favorite foods. I’d eat it everyday of the week if I could.

04/08/2013 8:01 pm

Time for me to made some dip… I have those ingredients in my fridge! Except for green onion.

John S @ Frugal Rules
04/09/2013 6:02 am

That looks awesome! We like to make guacamole ourselves and are always looking to try new recipes. We like to make it with a bit of a kick.

04/09/2013 6:43 am

Looks great, and thanks for sharing our roll recipe! We are always on the lookout for cheap avocados as those are the most pricey ingredient. We often use them for smoothies as well.

JC @ Passive-Income-Pursuit
04/09/2013 2:24 pm

My wife found a great guacamole recipe that has pineapple in it. Absolutely wonderful.

04/09/2013 8:47 pm

We make guacamole often as we love it. I do it a bit different as I add in garlic and cumin and sometimes sour cream. I also add in some lime juice, salt and pepper. I enjoy the tang and the flavours it gives to the dip. Thanks for sharing! MR.CBB

04/10/2013 5:20 am

Not really haha I just enjoy cooking and I’ve travelled to many countries and I was always intrigued about history and food.. but I can whip up something British.. just say the word!

Glen @ Monster Piggy Bank
04/10/2013 2:42 am

It looks so tasty. I think I know what I am going to be having when I watch the football on the weekend πŸ™‚

04/10/2013 5:12 pm

I love guac! Did you know you can actually freeze avo’s if you have a sealer packaging machine thingy. I don’t have one, I always thought they were expensive, but if you do, you can! Everyone here in So. Cal has trees and they are everywhere now!

04/12/2013 11:56 am

This looks delish! I have just discovered avocados (well, re-discovered, really) and will have a try at preparing it (I recently discovered cooking as well :))

04/14/2013 11:23 am

Nice recipe, I’m going to try it out this week (after I get some avocados). I’m always game to try a new guacamole recipe!