Don’t Text and Drive

Hope everyone had a good Christmas. I went to the local consumer electronics store (Futureshop) on boxing day and it was packed. I feel bad for the minority who are facing financial difficulties now, but one look at our shopping malls, restaurants, road congestion and it’s hard to find any signs that our economy is slowing down…

There are so many cars on the streets this holiday season. We have a law in this part of Canada that issues a $167 ticket to anyone talking or texting on their phones while driving. But hands free blue tooth is okay because you’re not looking at your phone.  According to the police, 48% of fatal car accidents last year involved distracted drivers. So this is really a moral issue, which will save hundreds of lives each year.

I think this law is a great idea for any State/Province or municipality looking to make some extra money. Imagine how much more in taxes we would all have to pay if the government didn’t have other ways of raising money like using these traffic ticket fines. On a per person bases, BC already issues more than twice at many of these tickets as Ontario. Other provinces should follow us. I’m all for issuing fines if it means saving lives and money.  I’m surprised at how many drivers I see today still holding phones to their ears. If people must use phones while driving, they can buy a cheap head set for talking, or use Siri, if they have her, to send text messages. Driving at 60 km/hr (37 miles/hr) a driver who takes their eyes off the road for just 3 seconds drives the width of a football field, “so even a brief glance at a text message or dialing a cell phone can cause serious injury or death.” ~Solicitor General R. Coleman.

75% of drivers polled in this province, believe that talking or texting on a mobile phone behind the wheel is as dangerous as drunk driving. And most of them support this cellphone/driving law. Some even want the fine to be higher. What’s interesting is 53% said they witnessed others breaking this law “several times a day.” But only 16% admitted to breaking the law themselves in the last year. Hmm, I wonder…

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Michelle P
12/30/2011 11:09 am

Great post. It was just said on the news that an accident that happened last year was determined to be do to texting they just realized. The driver cost a huge accident (two school buses, semi truck, and his truck).

04/19/2012 7:17 am
Reply to  Michelle P

I agree but add on:police cant eitherThey talk on the phone like they’re spiceal or above the law or something (if you’re a police officer sorry, and i’m sure you dont do it)

Liquid Independence
12/30/2011 6:05 pm

Yikes. It's often the things we don't think about that affect us the most.

12/31/2011 11:55 pm

Great post!

Texting and driving is super dangerous, I'm sure. What do you think of the handsfree devices when talking on the phone?

I personally think it's just as bad because people are still multitasking with driving and holding a conversation..

Liquid Independence
01/01/2012 12:15 am

Thanks Y&T.; I think hands free devices are slightly less dangerous. Sort of like talking to someone in the back seat. But I agree that any kind of chit-chat/distraction is bad when driving. Especially for cars with a manual gearbox. So I just wait until I'm done driving before using my phone; It's simply not worth the risk. Happy New Year!