Rise of the 99%

Occupy Vancouver started today. Thousands showed up downtown. I contemplated whether I should join the event or not. I agree with some of their arguments put forward, but disagree with others. In the end I stayed home today because I got hooked on this new HBO series and just had to finish all of season one. But I support people coming together to share ideas and experiences, and create new aspirations to pave a better road for society. Protests are also great places to meet new friends with similar viewpoints. Everyone has the right to peacefully protest, and everyone deserves to be heardヽ(´▽`)/

That’s a lot of people, for a Canadian city.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be an elite 1%, so for the rest of us 99%, how do we fare against each other? I’m more interested to know how my income compares to those in the local economy than to billionaires, because all I really want is to have enough money to hang out, fit in, socialize, and enjoy the same standard of living as my friends, neighbors, and co-workers. It’s not about showing off or keeping up with the Jones, it’s about being invited to go clubbing after work and asking myself ‘can I afford it?’

Well In America, if you made more than $33,048 in 2008 then you are already better off than 50% of the people in the country. In Canada, if you made more than $28,840 in 2009 then you are also in the top 50% of all Canadians. So unless I get a pay cut or something I have no complaints because I can already afford a more comfortable life than the average citizen. The point is, if you “only” make $35,000 a year and feel poor, cheer up! You are still richer than most people in North America! And if you really want to feel wealthy, just focus on the things in your life that money can’t buy.

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Financial Independence
10/17/2011 5:02 am

I think there is plenty of countries, where the leaders of the occupy could enjoy themselves:
Cuba, China, Sweden, Venezuela.

The free economy works very simple – if the rich do not want to create the jobs, share wealth or provide the benefits to the poor so be it. No socialism & communism is allowed here.

One of the reason we are in the such crisis is because there is too much bearing on the economy : healthcare, pensions, social benefits and sacred cow – military.

Very clear that we could not afford the luxuries. People do not work hard enough to get them.
This is not the way to financial independence by any account.

And on the streets are not 99%, it is the people who are draining our social funds, staying out of work, because they are well fed and deem themselves "over qualified" to get on with available jobs…

Liquid Independence
10/17/2011 11:54 pm

There certainly are too many burdens on the economy right now. If only people can agree on the same solution to move forward. Ah well, I just try to ignore the noise and try to do my best.