Income ≠ Work Compensation

By | 09/20/2011

“How much income do teachers make?”
“He’s a book keeper? I wonder if his income can support his family.”

Sometimes we assume a person’s income level based on their line of work. But this mindset is dangerous and can limit our earnings potential. Because if we accept the idea that our jobs dictate our incomes, then our motivation to earn more income will be constrained by the limitations of our jobs. However, a job salary is just a piece of the income pie. So instead of getting stuck thinking about how to get a promotion, let’s focus on the bigger picture. How to increase our income, period. Which of course will include how to get that promotion.

Income can appear in many different ways. We can invest and slowly turn our savings into investment income. Or get a part-time job. Income can also come from rent.  If we had any technical skills, (writing, drawing, speaking) we could do freelancing. Or find online micro jobs from sites such as AmazonMechanicalTurk or MicroWorkers to make a few extra bucks.  Even recycling plastic bottles can be a small but stable source of income if we so choose.

So let’s avoid the income/career trap and think outside the box. Think about how we can increase our income from any source possible, rather than just how to increase our income as employeesヽ(´ー`)ノ

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