Older I Get, Greedier I Become

By | 08/24/2011

How my perception about materialism/income have drastically changed in the last decade or so.

Year – 2002
Occupation – high school
Outlook on life – apathetic

Adult life sounds difficult. There seems to be so much responsibility. What’s the point of making money other than to survive? Money isn’t everything. As long as I have enough to live on then that’s all that matters. The average Canadian makes $40k/yr. Sounds like a lot already. I will be very satisfied if I can make $40,000/yr some day.

Year – 2005
Occupation – college
Outlook on life – concerned
Looks like post secondary education is a necessity these days to even find a decent job. I’m not actually ahead of most people. I should work harder or else I’ll get left behind when all my friends start working in their respective careers. With the way inflation is going I should be able to make $60,000/yr some day if I apply myself in school and try to find a good job afterwards.

Year – 2008
Occupation – junior associate
Outlook on life – inspired
Starting my first real job, great! My entry level compensation is only $35K but looks like there is plenty of room for career advancement. All my co-workers are making much more than me and they have nicer homes, newer cars, and give off sophisticated auras. Some of the senior graphic designer are making $70K a year, wow.  If I include the income from my part-time job, I should be able to eventually make $80,000/yr of total income one day.

Year – 2011
Occupation – intermediate associate
Outlook on life – optimistic
Got a promotion this year. Also starting to make a small bit of investment income. I’m buying all the comics, toys, and food I couldn’t afford before when I was broke. Money is awesome. I’m starting to want more and more of it. I’m only making mid 5 figures now, but I think some day I can make $100,000/yr and eventually reach financial independence. This new blog I started last year will help me reach my goals.

I guess a lot can change in 9 years.

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