Saving on Gas

By | 06/14/2011

A few tricks I’ve learned to save money when driving.

1) In a multi-lane street, drive in the lane that has the least amount of cars. Preferably drive in a lane, where there are no vehicles behind you. This way you can time your stops and goes. If there is a red light 200 meters away, you don’t have to keep pushing the gas until the 100 meter mark and then break. Instead, just coast from 200m away, and no one will honk at you for drifting at 15 KM/hr.

2) Gas up on weekdays, like Tuesdays, after 8pm. Gas stations tend to raise prices right before or during weekends. Plus they drop prices in the evenings because there is less demand at that time. I never fuel up during the middle of the day, not only do you wait longer in line, but you’re paying more for the same amount of gas. Timing is key.

3) Avoid driving in rush hour. The best time to drive efficiently is a weekend morning. Whenever I visit my family on a long weekend, I always leave at 5:30AM. Usually it’s bright enough outside so I don’t need my headlights, but there’s also very few cars on the roads/highway at that time. So less stopping and going means better fuel economy.

Author: Liquid Independence

Editor in Chief at Freedom 35 Blog.

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