Fiscal Update – April 2011

By | 05/02/2011
    • Discount Brokerage = $300


Discretionary Spending:
    • Eating Out = $185
    • Others = $5


*Net Worth:
  • Assets:
  • Cash = $7,600 ( +$2,100 MoM)
  • Stocks = $44,000 ( -$100 MoM)
  • Home  = $243,000 
  • Liabilities:
  • Mortgage = $211,000 (-300 MoM)
  • LOC Balance = $0

Total Net Worth = $83,600 ( +2.83% MoM)

Great dividends for April. Unfortunately however, the financial markets dropped a bit this month. Spent a lot more money than I usually do on eating out because there were some rare occasions, like going drinking on my friend’s bday, and taking some relatives out to White Spot. One way I managed to save a few dollars on food is by ordering water instead of a soft drink or alcohol. Also, taking people out to lunch is usually cheaper than dinner. The VIX index ,  which is like a fear index of how worried investor’s are, jumped up more than 6% today. This is a good sign if you are thinking about getting into the market now. I have a couple grand sitting in a savings account now. But I would wait until this index reaches 20 before adding to my portfolio again. 

* Numbers are rounded to the nearest $100.

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