Math Class Frustration

By | 04/26/2011

Found the following joke on tumblr. A bit exaggerated, but so true in the message. Reminds me of back in school.

What we were taught in class:

1 + 1

What we had for Homework:

-55x + 47x

And what we had for our Test:

39048240x^2(3454x + 84) + 8343x(x – 454)(354 – x)

I think one of the problems I’ve always had with Math class is there isn’t enough interesting context to compliment the learning. It’s mostly equations, and formulas but rarely any applicable situations to use it in a helpful way. More real life, modern examples would provide the motivation for students to learn more I think. The entire education system needs an overhaul and should put a larger emphasis on personal finance.

Author: Liquid Independence

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