Great Income Opportunity

By | 03/21/2011

Electronics Arts in Canada is looking to hire a Technical Producer.

It is a permanent, full time position, and they will pay you $130K to $160K annually. The interesting part is the barrier to entry for this job is so low compared to other professions with that kind of salary.  All you need for an education is a highschool diploma. No other credentials are required. Here are some essential skills the job posting says you should have: Reading text, Writing, Oral communication, Working with others, Problem solving, Decision making, Finding information, Computer use, Continuous learning.

That sounds like something even I can do. The job posting is on the government of Canada’s website so it’s probably legit, or maybe there’s a typo? But they typed 2 numbers. Maybe EA is just really desperate. It doesn’t look like the position has been filled yet. Hurry, anyone can still apply.

Author: Liquid Independence

Editor in Chief at Freedom 35 Blog.

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