Tough on the new Generation

The economic recovery since the 2008 recessions has not been helping the younger workforce much…
Key points..
Canada has recovered all the jobs it’s lost since the recession but even though the national unemployment rate is 7.6%, young workers in the 15 to 24 year old category are sitting at a higher 13.6%.
While the economy has created 440K jobs since the recession there are actually 228K fewer young people employed which means young workers are actually leaving the workforce while everyone else fills in the gap.

A lot of them probably just went back to school, but some people think that education is not the problem, it’s more to do with their work ethic. The sense of entitlement in young workers may not match the expectations in the real world. I think one thing we can do as country is to give incentives, like tax breaks, for companies to hire younger workers.

I am part of this age group. I understand we may not have the experience businesses are looking for but we have to start somewhere. Most jobs require specific training anyway so we can’t expect schools to prepare us for everything. And when the boomers leave their posts someone else will have to take over. I feel very fortunate to have kept my job during these last couple of years *knock on wood* Best of luck to all the other generation Ys out there.

Author: Liquid Independence

Editor in Chief at Freedom 35 Blog.

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Texas Gal's Open Wallet
Texas Gal's Open Wallet
12/22/2010 7:48 am

I think you make a good point FTF: how are we supposed to get experience when nobody will hire us??? It's a catch 22! Before my current job i struggled to get anything (even an administrative assistant job)- with an Ivy League BA/MA and several prestigious internships. Admittedly i was looking during the peak of the recession- but it still just seemed like a crazy situation 🙁

Liquid Independence
12/29/2010 2:08 pm

Yup, sometimes experience speaks louder than education. From what I've seen, the good news is that those of my friends who worked hard and persevered eventually did land stable employment. Opportunities do exist, they're just very rare.