Fiscal Update – November 2010

By | 12/01/2010

Fiscal update for Nov 2010.

Fiscal prudence is paramount when building up wealth.

Net Worth:

  • Assets:
  • Cash = $8,200
  • Stocks = $31,900
  • Home  = $237,000
  • Liabilities:
  • Mortgage = $212,600
  • Line of Credit = $4,100

Total Net Worth = $60,400* ( + 3.57% MoM)

Bought bus tickets totaling $157. These should last me for another six months at least. I count transit tickets as expenses when I buy them, not when I use them, because I don’t buy monthly passes since I drive most of the time. Transit actually increased the price of the 10 packs, but not the individual tickets, so now you’re not getting that good of a discount when you buy the 10 packs anymore. I’m not too happy with this change.  Other expenses include eating out, and obtaining a credit report. Bought some Canadian common stocks too. Looking forward to the banks raising dividends in the next quarter, hopefully.

*All numbers rounded to the nearest $100.

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