A Generous Gift

By | 12/10/2010

IKEA hands out free bikes to all its employees.
Key Points…
Christmas for Ikea staffs came a little early this year as the Swedish company recently gave out full sized bicycles to all of it’s 12,400 employees in the US. Unfortunately we didn’t get any here in Canada. The bikes are all-terrain, uni-sex, and painted in the Ikea colors of blue and yellow. Ikea’s US President said this was their way to support “a healthy lifestyle and everyday sustainable transport” for their employees.

Of course just like other Ikea products, it comes in a compact box and some assembly is required. What a great marketing move. You can already get these bikes on Craigslist around the $200 range; So much for company loyalty. I wonder what the cost was to make each one for Ikea.

Author: Liquid Independence

Editor in Chief at Freedom 35 Blog.

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