Nov 222012

Last Friday I was watching the news and heard that Hostess was going out of business. If you’ve ever watched Zombieland you’ll know that there are some people who would do just about anything to get their hands on a Twinkie. I thought I’d better buy some while I still can. So over the weekend I rushed to the Superstore, a Loblaw company, and bought some Twinkies. (pic below) I paid $4 for each box of Twinkies. My plan is to sell these endangered delicacies some day and make a profit 😀

Investing in Hostess Twinkies

A couple days ago Hostess had one last chance to make a deal with the Bakers Union, but ultimately the two parties failed to come to an agreement. Over 10,000 employees who work for the union will have to be let go. It’s always sad to see so many people lose their jobs and I know it’s a devastating event for their local communities :0( I can only hope someone else will buy the Twinkies trademark from Hostess and get people back working again 🙂 This story has been getting a lot of attention in the media and has become very popular on Google trends.  So how much can I sell my rare boxes of golden deliciousness for? Here are some recent listings on eBay.

Ebay listings of Twinkies

 Wow, pretty good profit! However just because a seller is asking for a certain price doesn’t mean a buyer will pay that much for it. So let’s take a look at some actual sold listings, to give us a better understanding of the current market price of Twinkies.

Twinkies sold in Canada

Although there’s always the possibility of fake bidders on eBay, there were multiple people with feedback scores over 100 bidding on these items so they appear to be legitimate auctions. On average it seems I could sell my Twinkies for $10-$15 per box. That’s at least a 150% return on investment \(^_^)/ Not too shabby. If you want to invest in Twinkies like me, I recommend you go to your local supermarket at your earliest convenience and pick up a few boxes before they run out.

If they’re fetching for this much today, imagine how much they’ll be worth in the future (゜o゜) I plan to eventually sell a couple boxes to a museum, break open a box at my wedding, donate a box to charity, and pass down the rest to my heirs (If I have any) This is probably the most ridiculous investment idea I’ve ever had (>_<), but even if it doesn’t work out financially, I still have the option to just eat them right? 😀 We all know the real shelf life of a Twinkie is something like 100 years or so.

Am I sitting on a gold mine of yellow bars filled with creamy richness :D, or do I just have boxes of an empty promise 🙁 I guess we’ll see what happens….

Enjoy the Twinkies while you still can

Oct 162012

Members of both the Canadian Auto Workers Union (CAW)  and the Communications, Energy and Paperworkers Union (CEP) have voted overwhelmingly in favor of a union merger. Together, they would have over 300,000 members across various economic sectors. So chances are, you probably know someone who will be affected by this 🙂 The thing is union membership in Canada has fallen to 30% today from 40% back in the 1970s. In the private sector alone, the rate is even lower at just 17% today. Organized labor is losing the power to further their member’s rights and interests in North America. So by combining into one organization, their hope is to become a stronger voice overall, forming the largest private sector union in the country.

This is good news for all union workers, especially if you are currently with CEP, because the dues of the new union would be set at the lower CAW rate of 0.7% of workers’ salaries 😀 Some experts like Pradeep Kumar, a professor at Queen’s University, say the creation of a “super-union” is necessary because of the declining power of the labor movement. While others disagree and argue that unions stifle productivity, and lead to higher prices for consumers since companies must pay more for wages & benefits, which are then passed on to customers. I can see the points on both sides and there is no simple way to make everyone happy, but it will be interesting to see what kind of trend our country will go in for the next little while. With the Ontario premier unexpectedly stepping down and rumors that the NDP will win the next BC provincial election, the internal outlook for this country is uncertain at best. Whether the changes to come are for better or worse, is yet to be seen (゜-゜)

CEP – This union is involved in several key areas of Canada’s economy including forestry, energy, telecommunications and media.
private sector – Jobs that are created by private companies or individual people. Contrast to the “public sector” which basically refers to government jobs.
Random Useless Fact:  Whenever you feel sad, just remember that somewhere in this world there’s an idiot pulling a door that says “PUSH.”