Jun 162012

The following examples are recent keywords that random people have typed into their search engines, and have brought them to my freedom 35 blog. I’m posting these inquiries up because other readers might be wondering about the same things.

June 16 – from Toronto, ON…
i have a td account will i get charged for taking money out at cibc
If you don’t have an account with CIBC then you probably can’t take your money out at a CIBC bank. If you are withdrawing money from a bank machine (ABM) that is not from your own bank then you will be charged a small fee. (usually $1.50)

June 15 – from Oyo, Nigeria…
freedom from job income
It’s possible to become completely free from your job and still make a comfortable income. 2 years ago I made about $1K from my investments. Last year I made about $2K. This year I’m looking at $4K. It will probably take 10 more years before the passive income can sustain my lifestyle, but I think it’s totally worth it.

June 14 – Kitchener, ON…
canadian repatriate offshore money
Commonly “repatriation” refers to companies or governments bringing money back into the home country. If there are Canadian companies who do business in other countries and make a profit overseas, they will most likely reinvest that offshore money back into that location, (expanding their manufacturing facility in China for example.) This way, they don’t pay Canadian taxes on that profit :). The only time they would bring money back into Canada might be to cover a capital loss in their Canadian division, or for emergencies.

June 14 – from Europe…
hot sectors for 2013
Probably similar to 2012. Mining, welding, piping, (anything related to trades.) As well as medicine, accounting, auditing, law, and other professionals.

June 13 – from Hounslow, UK…
financial problems in world
There are many financial difficulties facing the world today.

  • The top 2% of adults in the world owns 50% of all the wealth there is, and the gap is still growing between the rich and poor.
  • Greece, Italy, Ireland, and Spain spend more money than they make, and face the risk of running out of money to pay for basic public services like education, health care, policing, etc.
  • Housing prices are still low, and unemployment is still high in the US.
  • Even the wealthy have their own financial problems.


Random Useless Fact: No words in the modern English language rhymes with month, orange, silver, or purple.

May 212012

The following examples are recent keywords that random people have typed into their search engines, and have brought them to my freedom 35 blog. I’m posting these inquiries up because maybe other readers might be wondering the same thing, or would like to add their own comments on a subject.

May 20th – from Hamilton, ON…
“why is gas so expensive in vancouver”
Mostly due to taxes and inefficiencies. About 40% of what we pay for gasoline is tax, which helps to pay for social services.  For example, there is lot of public support in Vancouver for making housing cheaper, especially for the financially unfortunate. The local and provincial governments need funding to provide affordable housing, decrease the poverty rate, give homeless people shelter and food, and provide skills training to the community. So I think these relatively expensive gas prices are here to stay.

May 18th – from Los Angeles , CA…
“can i liquidate my rrsp account while in student debt to buy a house”
I believe you can. You could either use the home buyer’s plan or directly take the money out of your RRSP to do anything you want.

May 18th – from New York, NY…
“can i borrow more money margin if my stocks go up”
Yes. A margin account is like a home equity line of credit. If the value of your house goes up then you can extend your line of credit and borrow more money.

May 16th – from Toronto, ON…
“what is the median net worth in Canada”
The median net worth for a Canadian adult is $89,014.

May 16th – from Hamilton, New Zealand…
“why do males have a higher net worth than females”
Because males typically make more income than females. Why this is true, is for another discussion.

May 14th – from Hummelstown, PA…
“how to avoid loans in margin account”
Don’t buy more stocks than the money you put into your account. So if you initially deposited $100, you won’t have to deal with any loans as long as you don’t spend more than $100 buying stocks.

May 13th – from Davidson, NC…
“is siemens really pronounced that way”
Not quite, the first letter “S” sounds like a “z” so the English approximation of the name sounds more like zeemens. Siemens is an German engineering company, sort of like General Electric in the US. I like what they do and currently hold some of their stocks.


Random Useless Fact: The most common months to have babies are July, August, and September.