Mar 272017

In a World of Abundance

Over the last couple of weeks I have indulged in many pleasant gastronomic experiences around the city. Below are some pictures of events I attended and the food I enjoyed. And here’s the kicker. 😀 Everything was free!

food events mostly found through eventbrite


Free Food is Everywhere 

Why would companies hold events to give away food to the public? Usually it’s because they have something to sell. Most of the presentations I attend are sponsored by financial companies that want to push their investment products. I was given wine, bread, and cheese at a Raymond James event. Private market company Pinnacle served pasta and pizza at a fancy Italian restaurant. Yum. 🙂

Even technology companies such as Realm, which develops mobile apps, gave away pizza and t-shirts. So I got a free meal that evening, and free clothing. Yay! Whenever I wear my new Realm t-shirt I’m essentially giving them free publicity.

The companies try to raise awareness for their brands, sell their services, or recruit people into their community. That’s why they host these events. I can ramble on. But enough teasing. Let me reveal how you can get free food!

Search and Execute

There are 3 steps that anyone in the developed world can use to acquire free food.

Step 1: Live in or near an urban area.
Step 2: Sign up with event management organizers.
Step 3: Search and register for upcoming local events using filters such as “free” and “food.”

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Nov 062011

The occupy movement is expanding. It’s not a very productive protest when people get together to complain about their problems without setting goals or suggesting fixes. Because then it just becomes a big public therapy session, for angry people anonymous. Well I’m glad that the occupiers in our city have finally made a list of demands. Now maybe people will take them more seriously. Full list here.

The only problem is there’s no way for all their demands to be met without bankrupting the country.  Nevertheless, some items on the list are pretty bold. I’ve picked out some below.

38) Prostitution is to be legalized and regulated.
28) Massage, dental and eye care is to be covered under the health care system.
34) Post-secondary education is to be made free with no hidden user fees.
50) Tar Sands project is to shut down

I’m trying to imagine living in a country like that.