Jul 132012

Once In awhile we have to step outside of our comfort zone and try to learn something new. After all it’s the experiences we go through and how we interpret them that gives us our individuality and unique appeal. After my friend told me she recently had a baby girl it made me think about what I’ve been doing for the last year.  Reflecting on my current situation it really hasn’t changed much from this time in 2011. The stock market and my investments haven’t increased all that much. I still prepare meals for one. And still haven’t made a penny from my blog yet, haha. At least am on track to meet my financial goals for the end of this year, but maybe it wouldn’t hurt to mix things up a bit.

So starting next week I’ve decided to do the following.

  • Research alternative investments. In particular, farm land investing. That’s right, maybe I’ll have my own farm one day! I think agricultural land is a great low-risk asset which provides the benefit of a bond (yield) as well as inflation protection.
  • Go on a date. I have some of those 2-meal deal coupons for A&W. It would wasteful if I just let them expire   (o.O)
  • Make some online income, at least enough to cover the cost of running this site (^_^)

Image source: farmlandinvestmentpartnership.com/

Random Useless Fact: Before 1975 the US dollar sign ($) represented foreign currency. Also the “$” symbol has never appeared on any U.S. currency. Not even the 1 dollar bill. (source)