Feb 032013

One of my personal resolutions for this year is to eat healthier. Not only is it better for the body, but a healthier diet is also more affordable. Last year I posted how to save money by just shopping at ethnic grocery stores instead of big supermarkets. You can buy a bag of groceries for under $6 if you know where to look. Furthermore I find that I can cut my grocery bill by 25% or more by limiting the amount of processed or refined foods when I do my shopping. Not to mention pre-packaged or prepared foods are full of empty calories. One thing I like to do at least once a week is make a smoothie.

13_02_smoothieprep, smoothie

They’re simple to prepare, extremely nutritious, and very wallet friendly. There’s literally hundreds of recipes on the internet you can find for smoothies, so I’ll just show one I made the other day as an example. I used some raspberries for their anti-oxidant properties plus they’re full of vitamins and minerals. Next I used some blueberries because they contain vitamin K, manganese, potassium, dissolves bad cholesterol, and apparently even help to reduce belly fat. The yogurt is optional, but I like it for the dairy, protein, and fiber content. And finally half a cup of juice (or water) to keep the consistency nice and smooth.



13_02_smoothieglass, smoothie in a glass

Blend everything together et voila 😀  Each serving is less than a dollar. Drink some in the morning and you won’t even need to make breakfast. You can use ingredients that’s local and cheap. For example there’s a blueberry farm literally not even 30 minutes drive from my home. You can go pick them in the field yourself in the summer for cheaper than retail prices, then freeze them and make blueberry smoothies all year round :0) Food is one of our biggest expenses next to housing. By keeping our cost for groceries down, we can very easily save a lot more money than trying to scrimp on other things like hydro, transportation, or internet. The more savings we have the more we can invest and get closer to financial freedom (^_^) Depending on where you live you can set your own budget, but in Vancouver, I eat quite comfortably on a $100 monthly grocery budget 😀

Random Useless Fact: Near a West Vancouver elementary school a picture of a young girl chasing a ball is painted on the road. The optical illusion is being used to have drivers slow down near schools.

13_02_girlballdriving, pink ball is same color as my smoothie