Feb 142014

Happy Valentine’s day everyone :). If you’re single like me here’s a frugal idea to get yourself a hot date ;)


I don’t know if you can put a price on love ;) But according to a recent study by ratesupermarket.ca, the cost of dating someone and then getting married costs on average $44,000 :?

Here’s the breakdown:

One Year of Dating – $7000
Engagement Ring – $3500
Engagement Party – $2000
Another Year of Dates During Engagement Period – $4500
Wedding – $27,000

Total cost of love = $44,000 :D Wow. Much love. So romance. Very Valentine’s. Wow :|

The study is a bit tongue and cheek, but it highlights the importance of money and budget awareness in a relationship :) How much love will actually cost depends on each couple. $27K for a wedding is still relatively cheap since the average wedding in Canada was over $32K in 2013 :?

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Jan 302014

I like to learn what rich people do. I hope to increase my net worth by doing the same as the wealthy. So far that has worked very well. When I learned that over 90% of millionaires owned their own home, I bought my own home. When I learned that rich people have more of their wealth in the financial markets than in their homes, I bought stocks! Well I’ve recently discovered a new reality TV show called Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, which follows the lives of 5 or 6 wealthy people in Beverly Hills, California :)

Dorothy, 25 years old, is the daughter of a self made retail entrepreneur. She spends most of her time shopping and she describes her current vocation as “funemployed and fabuluxe.” To give us an idea of how rich her family is she said “Honestly I’m not really sure how many Birkins I have, I’ve kind of lost count.” lol.

13-01-richkidsbags, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

But of course every girl needs to have aspirations too. Dorothy says that when she grows up she wants to be “the Asian sensation of the world.” Seems a bit ambitious to me, but that’s what I admire about the rich, they set larger than life goals for themselves :P

Some rich people I know are stingy when it comes to money, but not these Rich Kids. They all seem like charitable people, especially Dorothy. She said “everyone has to give back once in a while.” She organized a blood drive to give back to her community and invited lots of people over for juice and cookies. And when she hosted a penthouse party for her friends she spared no expenses :D

There were bottles of Dom Perignon Champagne, Caviar canapes, and many other luxuries. The final bill came to $30,937. Hey Dorothy, can I be your friend too? ;) haha. But not only did she treat all her friends like royalty, she also gave the server a $10,000 tip! Yes, that’s a 32% gratuity. Hot diggity dog that is seriously generous! ( ゚д゚)   13-01-richkidsbigtipper, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

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Dec 152013

Earlier this year I wrote an article about how to invest in non-denominated stamps, eg: Canada’s Permanent Stamps.

I purchased a coil of stamps at 63 cents each with the assumption that as the price of stamps increase over time (like they have been doing throughout history) my stamps would also increase in value to match the domestic postage price at any present time in the future. Well last week Canada Post announced that next year these stamps are going to cost 85 cents each when bought in a coil or booklet :) And they will cost 100 cents each if bought individually. The changes will take effect at the end of March 2014.

This is great news for myself and any readers who have followed my investment idea. That’s a 35% (85/63) return on stamp investment in less than one year (⌒▽⌒)Many small businesses who send a lot of letters are angry about the planned price hike, so that means there is a good amount of demand for stamps out there adding liquidity in the stamp market ;)

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Oct 282013

It seems a lot of my friends are getting engaged and married lately. Darn, that makes me feel old lol :lol: One question you might ask if you’re planning a wedding is how much money to spend on a cake :D So here’s a budgeting guide for wedding cakes.

Some people over estimate how much cake they actually need. This often leads to a lot of it being left over. Proper planning can reduce wasted food and money :) From what I’ve heard the general rule is each finger slice of cake can cost between $2 to $5. This is for a typical buttercream or fondant wedding cake with vanilla icing. However larger cakes with 3 more more tiers can cost up to $8 per slice because stacking becomes more difficult and more work goes into transportation. So make sure to budget accordingly to avoid walking on thin icing later :D

To give a rough estimate using the numbers above, a wedding cake for a small reception of 25 people should cost around $150. A cake for 100 would be about $500. And for 200 people it would be $1,200. Simply extrapolate these numbers if you gateau-ver 200 guests :D These estimates will get you a pretty decent cake and should be enough for most couples.

However there is always a range of options you can choose from, so ask around and sponge off your friends for ideas :) High end specialty cake makers that can add exotic ingredients or wedge in :D additional services can charge $10/slice or more. The cake at Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding in 2011 was $80,000, and looked absolutely stunning!


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Oct 232013

Time again to learn about you, the readers :D The poll this time is about Superpowers! Thanks to everyone who voted (^_^) Results below.


It appears that reading minds is the clear winner with almost half the votes (19/42.) Personally I would choose flight myself. My profile avatar is a bird after all haha.

Here are my personal thoughts about what these powers might mean :)

  • Flight – You value freedom and the liberty to spread your wings and do as you wish. Reaching financial independence is important to you because money can buy you the kind of freedom that will allow you to pursue your dreams, go anywhere you want, and become unshackled from the rat race.
  • Invisibility – You practice discretion and anonymity. If you’re rich you don’t want others to know how much money you have. You like to live a modest lifestyle and probably have a lot in savings.
  • Shape Shift – You daydream a lot and think about what it’s like to be in other people’s shoes. You can adapt easily to the changes in the financial markets and have a good eye for spotting trends. When you go shopping you can readily switch between using cash, credit cards, or other forms of payment :)
  • Mind Reading- You are curious and probably nosy. You are a careful investor who tries to really understand a stock before investing in it. You understand human behavior and use that to your advantage when trading.
  • Strength – You have a good work ethic and a lot of stick-to-itiveness. You probably work more than the average 38 hours a week because of your competitive nature. By doing so you also make more income than the average $50K /year and are headed for long term financial growth and prosperity.

I did not include in the list ultimate superpowers like immortality, telepathy (like Professor X) or complete control over time because I think those are obviously OP since you can literally take over the world with those kinds of abilities 8-O