Aug 292014

Time again to learn about you, the readers. :D Last year freedom 35 blog visitors were asked to choose which superpower is the most useless. Results below. Thanks to everyone who voted (^_^)

useless superpowers

Being able to moonwalk, but only when on the moon is the most useless power with almost 30% of the votes. I agree with this sentiment. This ability seems absolutely pointless to the 99.999999% of the world’s population who will never set foot on the moon. Speaking of which, did you guys hear about the new restaurant on the moon? It’s out of this world :D *ba dum tss!*

Well actually the food is not bad, but there is no atmosphere. :lol:

Anyway, the least useful superpower with only 2 votes appears to be the ability to turn gold into silver. But that simply means it’s the most useful ability out of all the options given. Since one pound of gold is currently worth 65 times the same weight in silver there are no financial benefits to this superpower. But silver is a better conductor than gold and is used more in electronics so perhaps there is merit from an industrial perspective. Also, if someone is being chased by a vampire or werewolf this superpower could come in handy, as long as you know, there just happens to be gold nuggets lying around at the time ;)

What other useless superpowers can you think of? Surprisingly more people voted in this one than the other poll which asked people to choose which actually useful superpower they want to have.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone :D

Random Useless Fact:
The dry style of ginger ale was invented by Canadian John McLaughlin, the founder of the Canada Dry brand of soft drinks.

ginger ale useless superpowers


Jul 022014

So I Googled my blog for fun, to see if it shows up on the front page. Well in doing so I have discovered something else that’s quite interesting. It appears people on the internet who aren’t bloggers have been talking about my site :D So I thought I’d share some of those comments with you guys today. I’m too lazy to type out everything so I just took snippets of screenshots instead. Below are some examples of what people on different forums and message boards had to say about Freedom 35 Blog.

14-06-commentsaboutblog popular

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Apr 252014

Thanks to readers like you I’ve been added to the list of Top Finance Blogs over at Modest Money. Looks like I’m in the top 100 which I’m pretty happy about :) Check out some of the other finance sites on that list if you want some weekend reading. Thanks to Jeremy for making the list :0) Top Finance Blogs

On a side note. Remember how I said before that to become smart investors we have think like burglars, and be on the lookout for windows of opportunity? :D  Well recently I ran into an amazing opportunity. A couple days ago I heard on the local radio station while driving to work that Rich Dad workshops are happening in the Greater Vancouver area this week :D I was so excited I signed up right away. Rich Dad is a financial education brand created by Robert Kiyosaki, author of the popular book Rich Dad Poor Dad. Some of you may have seen my Tweet announcement earlier on this blog.


I’m glad at least one of my readers was interested in this learning opportunity too. So we actually went to the workshop together :) I’m surprised there wasn’t more interest though.

So what did I get out of this 2 hour workshop? In short, a lot! :D

First, there’s the complementary educational CD with a sticker price of $39.99. The contents in it include how to find investment reports, how to prosper in the “new economy,” and more. Then there’s also the free notepad and amazing ball point pen supplied by the hotel, also free (^_^) I go to so many of these seminars I never have to buy paper and pens anymore 8-)  #setforlife

Second, the presenter, Katie, did a great job of getting the audience motivated about taking control of our money. The first thing we need in order to accomplish anything significant is passion, and she certainly inspired that in the audience :) It all starts with a “burning desire.” Desires lead to actions, which leads to results. I’ll come back to this point a bit later.

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Feb 142014

Happy Valentine’s day everyone :). If you’re single like me here’s a frugal idea to get yourself a hot date ;)


I don’t know if you can put a price on love ;) But according to a recent study by, the cost of dating someone and then getting married costs on average $44,000 :?

Here’s the breakdown:

One Year of Dating – $7000
Engagement Ring – $3500
Engagement Party – $2000
Another Year of Dates During Engagement Period – $4500
Wedding – $27,000

Total cost of love = $44,000 :D Wow. Much love. So romance. Very Valentine’s. Wow :|

The study is a bit tongue and cheek, but it highlights the importance of money and budget awareness in a relationship :) How much love will actually cost depends on each couple. $27K for a wedding is still relatively cheap since the average wedding in Canada was over $32K in 2013 :?

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Jan 302014

I like to learn what rich people do. I hope to increase my net worth by doing the same as the wealthy. So far that has worked very well. When I learned that over 90% of millionaires owned their own home, I bought my own home. When I learned that rich people have more of their wealth in the financial markets than in their homes, I bought stocks! Well I’ve recently discovered a new reality TV show called Rich Kids of Beverly Hills, which follows the lives of 5 or 6 wealthy people in Beverly Hills, California :)

Dorothy, 25 years old, is the daughter of a self made retail entrepreneur. She spends most of her time shopping and she describes her current vocation as “funemployed and fabuluxe.” To give us an idea of how rich her family is she said “Honestly I’m not really sure how many Birkins I have, I’ve kind of lost count.” lol.

13-01-richkidsbags, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

But of course every girl needs to have aspirations too. Dorothy says that when she grows up she wants to be “the Asian sensation of the world.” Seems a bit ambitious to me, but that’s what I admire about the rich, they set larger than life goals for themselves. :P

Some rich people I know are stingy when it comes to money, but not these Rich Kids. They all seem like charitable people, especially Dorothy. She said “everyone has to give back once in a while.” She organized a blood drive to give back to her community and invited lots of people over for juice and cookies. And when she hosted a penthouse party for her friends she spared no expenses :D

There were bottles of Dom Perignon Champagne, Caviar canapes, and many other luxuries. The final bill came to $30,937. Hey Dorothy, can I be your friend too? ;) haha. But not only did she treat all her friends like royalty, she also gave the server a $10,000 tip! Yes, that’s a 32% gratuity. Hot diggity dog that is seriously generous! ( ゚д゚)   13-01-richkidsbigtipper, Rich Kids of Beverly Hills

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