Jan 282019

“One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This time-honored quip can no better be applied to any other profession than the venerable American “junkyard.” Here in America, we all grew up within relative proximity to an auto junkyard. The auto parts heaven has always been a great source of certain, simple, or even critical components for any make or model in production. It’s a natural choice to make when money is tight, or even when it is not. It simply makes good sense to visit your local auto graveyard to find that part you need, and most of us have done just that.

The quintessential junkyard has indeed evolved. Today, technology and innovation have resulted in the modern parts powerhouses of today. The junk yards in Utah are no exception. Whether it is as simple as a lug nut, or as critical as a transmission, the auto parts yards of today have made it a simple task to find that elusive part, which would otherwise be a large expense.

Taking advantage of the junkyard has always proven to be a wise decision, otherwise, they wouldn’t even be around. The value of this classic business model has and will continue to stand the test of time.

The history of the junkyard can be traced back to the very early days of the advent of the horseless carriage. One of the more famous instances includes Henry Ford and his exploration of auto graveyards in his day. The observations concluded that some parts survive the life of the car itself and can be reused. The famous “Kingpin” story may be the beginning of the modern junkyard business model. Whatever the case may be, we all enjoy the availability of important car parts at a very affordable price thanks to our local junkyards.

These days, the make and model, no matter how exotic and/or rare, can be found in the auto-parts boneyard. The top yards no longer simply let autos sit and deteriorate in a large field. Every auto is thoroughly inspected. Every bolt of value is recovered and provided to the customer. The process has become very efficient, and more of everything for your car is becoming readily available. It’s a win-win scenario for everyone.

The used auto parts business model is not just an American phenomenon. It is, of course, worldwide. Millions of cars, trucks and other vehicles such as motorcycles, tractors, heavy equipment and other exotic and rare machines find their way to their ultimate demise, and they leave their precious internal parts to those who need them. It’s the equivalent of an organ donor. Many partnerships have been struck between junkyards and other businesses related to the automotive industry. It’s a natural progression, of course, and such relationships benefit everyone. It is a wonderful thing to see such evolution in business, and the success of such symbiotic pairings is a blessing to all, more often than not.

With more and more businesses pairing up and growing the used auto parts industry, more great benefits become available. It sometimes seems that cars are becoming almost disposable. Many people will choose to buy new cars rather than fix what they have. Or, some simply wish to keep getting the new models when there is nothing wrong with the old. There are many instances where perfectly fine cars wind up in the hands of the auto parts dealer. This makes higher quality parts available. Again, another benefit to us all! And now, with the wonderful Internet, finding what we need or want has never been easier. The digital revolution has not left the junkyard behind. Used auto parts businesses have embraced modern technology; naturally and efficiently.

When the need arises, and it will, your first and the wisest step is the mighty junkyard. There is no indication that the phrase “Junk Yard” will ever go away. That is another topic altogether. However, when that radio knob pops off for no reason, you now know where to go first. It stands to reason that there is no part you can’t find at your local auto graveyard. It may seem obvious to some, but you and I are but a few amongst billions, and some people may not be aware of the junkyard option. Avail yourself of it.

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