Feb 142014

Happy Valentine’s day everyone :). If you’re single like me here’s a frugal idea to get yourself a hot date 😉


I don’t know if you can put a price on love 😉 But according to a recent study by ratesupermarket.ca, the cost of dating someone and then getting married costs on average $44,000 😕

Here’s the breakdown:

One Year of Dating – $7000
Engagement Ring – $3500
Engagement Party – $2000
Another Year of Dates During Engagement Period – $4500
Wedding – $27,000

Total cost of love = $44,000 😀 Wow. Much love. So romance. Very Valentine’s. Wow 😐

The study is a bit tongue and cheek, but it highlights the importance of money and budget awareness in a relationship 🙂 How much love will actually cost depends on each couple. $27K for a wedding is still relatively cheap since the average wedding in Canada was over $32K in 2013 😕

Money may not be able to buy love, but it seems like people are not hesitant to spend a lot on their relationships. But are we spending too much for love? Oscar Wilde once said “Nowadays people know the price of everything and the value of nothing.” That’s a pretty interesting way to describe today’s rampant consumerism. But then again what did he know? Mr. Wilde died broke and alone, so he’s probably not the best person to ask for financial and relationship advice 😛

Love can hurt… the wallet. But maybe it’s all worth it in the end because couples who stay married for life are statistically the wealthiest demographic 😀

Random Useless Fact: The evolution of sports is flippin’ amazing. Left is from 1956. Right is from 2012.


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This is why i am never getting married haha

Fig @ Figuring Money Out

LOL at the hot date. Happy Valentine’s Day sir! 🙂

Kendal @HassleFreeSaver

Ha! Love it. $3,500 for an engagement ring? Nuts. $2K for an engagement party? Ridic! Save it for the wedding! Or better yet, the honeymoon. 🙂


Okay, I don’t get this math at all. 🙂 Happy Valentine’s Liquid!

Oh, and I think a Hot Date would be a little awkward.


I love the recipe for a date. But why is dating so expensive? Or getting married? It doesn’t have to be – when I married the whole thing cost us about $3,000 (you have to take your family to lunch and have a bit of a party :)). We have just got into the habit of spending too much on everything.


Happy V-day Liquid! Love doesn’t have to cost much if you find a financially minded partner 😉

Procrastinating on the wedding plans… prob going with something really small. But family and friends expect something big… might end up disappointing them. I am not the type who likes all the attention anyways. Weddings are over rated anyways.

The Asian Pear

Holy…. $44K? That’s like a down payment on a house! And that’s assuming on just one year of dating too… O_O;
Maybe I’m too cheap to date and get married. O_O;;


Great post! I must have taken the cheap way, cause I can honestly say that the first year I spent about 1000 bucks maybe. Pizza and movies at home are cheap dates, but some of the best!


So, we need money for everything. Happy V-day.

Anne @ Unique Gifter

Don’t be harshing on Mr.Wilde, a major contributor to him dying broke and alone was the part where he was thrown in jail for homosexuality.

Also, hot dates with goat cheese are amazing 🙂


That is so cute!!!