Sep 102012

Hi, long time no post. Just came back from my week long vacation. My folks and I drove across BC, Alberta, and Saskatchewan. The first thing I noticed was how flat the prairies are compared to BC. You can see the road for miles with nothing blocking your view. I’ve uploaded some pics below. Some are a bit grainy, but can’t expect much from a point-and-shoot, lol.


I now have a better understanding of the investment opportunities in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Downtown Calgary is full of big banks and oil companies who pay their employees very well. Comparing Canada’s 6 largest cities, Calgary has the highest salaries and wages per person, almost $65,000 in 2011. Even during the recession between 2007 and 2011, people’s salaries still increased by 3.3% per year. Regina and Saskatoon in SK are also seeing economic growth. I was looking at some farms for sale in Saskatchewan and even put down an offer for a property, but unfortunately I was outbid by another buyer who paid more than the asking price. But unlike BC where foreign speculators from overseas are driving up the real estate market, Saskatchewan locals are bidding up their own prices, so the probability of a bubble there is less likely, at least for now. Workers in AB and SK have higher wages on average than those in BC, even doing the same jobs. I saw lots of posters outside Tim Hortons and other businesses looking for people to fill part-time as well as full-time positions. Even though I live in Vancouver BC, I’m going to try and find ways to take advantage of the growth and investment potential of AB and SK. And if you’re currently looking for a job in BC, consider moving perhaps. The unemployment rate in both Alberta and Saskatchewan are both 4.4% :0) the lowest in the country. Compare that with the unemployment rate in BC, which is 6.7% :0(  No wonder why it’s harder to find work here.

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Money Beagle
09/10/2012 8:36 am

What’s the thing in front of the office building? At first glance I wondered why there is a big high heeled shoe there, but you can see that’s not really what it is.

Liquid Independence
09/10/2012 9:44 am
Reply to  Money Beagle

Yeah the pic is a little small. Here’s a better angle of it from google street view outside transcanada building. It’s some kind of swirly structure.

Modest Money
09/10/2012 8:45 am

I had half considered moving to Alberta with the lower taxes, cheaper properties and higher paying jobs. I just hear too much about how much better the lifestyle is in BC though. Sometimes it’s worth making a little less money to be happier. Sorry to hear that you got outbid on the property.

Liquid Independence
09/10/2012 9:48 am
Reply to  Modest Money

That’s pretty much why I stay in BC too lol. But if I didn’t have a job right now I would fill out job application forms in Alberta as well as locally.

Captain Awesome
Captain Awesome
09/10/2012 11:11 am

Hey, you can always reconsider exempt market investments like AgriCapita

Liquid Independence
09/10/2012 11:16 am

Good idea. I plan to buy some Ag Fund III next month from them. Don’t yet meet their minimum investment amount yet lol.

06/15/2017 2:54 pm

And have you?

09/10/2012 11:57 am

Cool seeing pics of the HQ of companies you own

Thanks Rob

Liquid Independence
09/10/2012 11:58 am
Reply to  Rob

It sure is. I’m going to own ALL the major Canadian energy companies one day.

Mo' Money Mo' Houses (@momoneymohouses)

Beautiful photos! I remember the first time I went to Saskatchewan it felt weird having everything so open. I like having mountains everywhere.

Liquid Independence
09/10/2012 8:27 pm

I wonder what’s the opposite of claustrophobic. The climate is so different there. More windy, less rain, greater visibility. I like mountains too. I didn’t find any hiking trails in Saskatchewan.

Gillian @ Money After Graduation

Cool post. Maybe I should move to Calgary so I can get a better paying job !!

Liquid Independence
09/11/2012 12:28 pm

You’d think more people would have already done this, especially young people like us. I’ve heard it gets really cold in the winter. I don’t mind cold, but I hate driving on icy or snowy roads.

Harry Campbell (@PFPro1)
09/11/2012 9:45 pm

I went to BC in high school for a volleyball tournament, it was a ton of fun. Too bad you couldn’t get in on the farm though, I was really curious about that! 🙂

Liquid Independence
09/12/2012 10:06 am

Yeah, BC is great. I’m still looking around for a good property. Will update and let you guys know if anything happens on the farm front.

09/12/2012 9:42 am

Glad you enjoyed your trip! Did you spend much time in Calgary? The average wage in Calgary is a bit deceptive, as the oil and gas sector pays very well, but getting in there is a bit tough if you don’t know people in there (so I’ve heard). 🙂 And yes, it does get super cold, and on days with lots of snow, your commute time will triple. But it has its good points too!

Liquid Independence
09/12/2012 10:03 am
Reply to  Vicky

Only stayed a couple of days. This time of year isn’t too bad but maybe I’ll visit again during winter next time just to experience what the cold really feels like. I do like the cheap gas and real estate in Calgary, compared to Vancouver that is.

09/12/2012 11:30 am

Looks like you had a good road trip! Hehe, I like how you visited Enbridge and TransCanada. With the rate you’re going, you’re bound to be a mega owner! A friend of mine was jobless in Vancouver for a while, he decided to move to Calgary to find work and voila he did! He is happy there, but not much to do and upcoming winter months will be torturous. I’m glad I’ve been steadily employed in the past decade @_@

Liquid Independence
09/12/2012 7:24 pm
Reply to  agentfang

Good for him. There is certainly a lot more opportunity to find work in Calgary. The resistance of many unemployment people to move to another part of the country is slowing down our economy for everyone. But we all have our reasons to do what we want.

09/12/2012 4:33 pm

Happy to learn you have some real nice vacations. Cool to see in real the headquarters of the famous Enbridge.

Liquid Independence
09/12/2012 7:26 pm
Reply to  Sunny

I wanted to go upstairs and see their offices but they have really tight security in their building. You need a keycard to get into their staff rooms.

09/13/2012 8:50 am

I’m pretty tired of only getting permanent positions here in BC…I’m seriously looking into going to Saskatchewan!