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I Bought a Tesla Model S

The market for new high-end vehicles is growing quickly. Last year in Canada more than 1 in 10 car buyers went luxury. I don’t like to feel left out so I’ve decided it was time I upgraded to a newer, faster car. #YOLO! 😀 Since this is a finance blog I’m going to share my experience buying a $100K+ car. Being an environmentally conscious millennial I’ve decided to… Read More »

Weekend Business and Blog Roundup – May 11

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Let’s look at some current business and economic news. Electric Power – Consumer Reports recently reviewed the 2013 Tesla Model S, and claimed it was the best car they’ve ever reviewed. Not the best electric car, but the best car, period – Giving the vehicle 99 out of 100 points. Around the… Read More »