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How to Buy Stocks at a Discount – DRIP – An Unfair Advantage

Discounted Reinvest Plan ? Normally when we buy a stock we can expect to pay the market price for it. But there’s a guaranteed way to purchase certain stocks at a discount to the market every time. 🙂 This unfair advantage has saved me hundreds of dollars so far! Stocks that pay dividends often offer a Dividend Re-Investment Plan (DRIP) for its shareholders.… Read More »

Dream Global REIT Update

Last month I blogged about investing in German real estate through a Canadian REIT called Dream Global. I chose this investment for its strong foothold in the European economy and for the consistent high yield. Normally dividends from foreign investments are taxed. However because I’ve bought DRG.UN in my Tax Free Savings Account it wasn’t really clear what would happen.… Read More »