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2015 Collection of Financial Goals

Professional football players are able to make oodles of money because they always have a goal in mind. 😀 But only 65% of Canadians feel confident they will achieve their financial goals in 2015, according to a recent CIBC poll. This is down from 76% in 2014. It appears we’re entering the New Year with a less optimistic financial outlook than last. Nevertheless… Read More »

2014 Financial Goals Results

In January of this year I wrote down 3 goals for myself to accomplish this year. Here’s a recap of those 2014 financial goals. 1) Increase net worth by $55,000 Pass! From the end of December 2013 to now my net worth has increased by more than $110,000. I never expected to exceed my target by twice as much, so that’s a pleasant surprise. Here’s a… Read More »

Going Cold Turkey

I have been battling a financial addiction since 2008. It has unfortunately gotten worse every year 😐 I just kept going back for more, and couldn’t help myself. The potential harm of this long term abuse came up in a discussion recently when a friend in Toronto asked me what would happen if I lost my job 😕… Read More »

2013 Goals Review

In the beginning of 2013 I set out 6 financial goals to complete by the end of the year. Time to recap. 1) Increase net worth by $50,000. Pass 😀 North American stock markets had double digit gains in 2013. Bumper crop in the prairie provinces pushed farmland values to new highs 🙂 Real estate market in Canada also performed… Read More »