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Fiscal Update Apr 2014 – $53,000 Net Worth Increase

I’m utterly speechless 😐 Words cannot even begin to describe my grandiose euphoria right now! 😀 ♪♬♫ Because I’m happy ♬♫♯  Clap along if you feel like a room without a roof ♪♬♫ Lol 😛 This is beyond my wildest expectations. My net worth increased by more than 10x my total income in April, including dividends.  *Side Income: Part-Time Work = $400 Dividends = $500 *Discretionary… Read More »

Canadian Farmland Values Growing Faster Than Ever – 22% in 2013

Earlier this month Farm Credit Canada published its annual farmland values report 🙂 Across the country farmland values on average increased 22.1% in 2013. Great Scott! 😯 Saskatchewan farms experienced the biggest jump of 28.5% Blimey! (゜o゜) That represents an 89% increase since 2011. A couple of years ago I explained on this blog why Saskatchewan had the most investment potential due to its growing resource… Read More »

Farm Appraisal Complete

I was watching the Buckner and Griffiths Exchange yesterday. It’s a business show on the CBC that only airs once in awhile. Anyway, they were talking about the booming ag sector in Canada. Apparently farmers are making a killing this year because of the bumper crop. Rudyard Griffiths, a savvy social entrepreneur renowned for wearing his dashing red tie,… Read More »

Fiscal Update – May 2013 – Rental Boost

Lady luck has blessed me with a bunch of serendipity again this month \(^_^)/  The financial markets did relatively well (appears we didn’t have a “Sell in May” year,) the US dollar increased, and I was able to bring home $1000 from extra income sources like dividends and a side job. It was also a great first quarter for the North… Read More »