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Go With The Flow – Student Loan Debt

The Student Loan Dilemma Many students are hesitant to take out student loans. Is improving your human capital through further education a good reason to take on debt? The Changing Times In 2002 there was $300 billion federal student loans outstanding in the US. Today it’s more than $900 billion. Part of this dramatic increase is due to the… Read More »

We’re Becoming Wealthier

Recently read in the news that the average Canadian household now has a net worth of $400,151 CAD, a record high. Yay, time to partay\(~o~)/ This is great news because more money translates into better purchasing power so buying goods and services become more affordable, relatively speaking. I didn’t know exactly why my net worth has been going up… Read More »

Weekend Business and Blog Roundup – Aug 10th

Some quick news from around the world The Canadian Dollar reached a 3 month high relative to the USD as oil and metal prices became stronger. Time for some cross border shopping? Our country’s trade deficit unexpectedly soared to $1.8 billion in June. This means we are importing more stuff than selling to other countries. China’s export growth… Read More »