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Using Credit Card Debt to Make Money

We teach kids to not begin a sentence with the word “Because.” We tell them the smallest things in the universe are atoms and molecules. But when the kids grow older they learn about proper grammatical structures and subatomic particles and inevitably realize that the information they were taught as children were simply inaccurate . Popular financial advice like “Don’t… Read More »

Weekend Business and Blog Roundup – June 7

Expensive Night Out  – Read an article in the paper version of the Globe and Mail where a 16 year old Japanese adolescent went on quite the joy ride after spending $56,000 on his dad’s American Express credit card on a one night club binge. The teenager and a friend visited multiple hostess clubs, where he paid to sit and drink… Read More »

Making Debt Decisions

By | 04/09/2011

There’s no such thing as good debt or bad debt. Some debts are better than others but it’s always a bad thing to owe someone else money. However going into debt doesn’t have to be a negative experience,. You can use debt to generate life enhancing experiences like financing a kitchen stove because your old one broke, or… Read More »