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Liquid’s Mensa Results, 2020 Financial Plans, and More

I attempted to join Mensa. What happened next wont surprise you. So I ran a Twitter poll asking what topic people would like me to write about. The top 2 picks were my Mensa test results and financial plans for next year. 🙂 What should I blog about next? — Liquid Independence (@Liquid_f35) October 7, 2019 In today’s… Read More »

Fiscal Update Nov 2019 – Millionaire Status Achieved

Best Bull Market Ever Stock markets are at record highs. The year to date return of the S&P 500 is 25% – a staggering performance! But of course making money from companies isn’t just about percentages. Otherwise everyone would simply invest in hard liquor. Because where else can you get 40%? 😎 In 2008 my net worth was… Read More »