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Canadians are the best! – at taking on debt – but not really

Putting Household Debt into Perspective . Canadian households currently owe more than $2 trillion. Our average debt to income ratio increased to 170%, making us number 1 among the G7 countries. 🙂 But do we actually have too much debt? Well perhaps not. Comparing Canada to the G7 group conveniently omits other highly developed countries. Australia’s national broadcaster… Read More »

Fiscal Update December 2018

  Changes in the Financial Markets in 2018 Currencies: Canadian dollar weaken from 0.80 to 0.73 USD.(Less purchasing power and more expensive imports, such as food from the U.S.) U.S. dollar index up to 96 from 92.(Non Americans pay a higher premium to buy U.S. investments.) Stock Markets: Most markets around the world dropped in 2018, especially Emerging and Asian markets.… Read More »