Monthly Archives: February 2016

Fruit Algebra

The Fruit Algebra Puzzle This brain teaser is known to drive people bananas. It’s unclear who made the original image, but versions of it have been circulating around social media recently. The answer to the equation on the bottom isn’t as straight forward as some people might think. But I think most readers of Freedom 35 Blog are… Read More »

The World’s Most Expensive Diamond

Expensive Diamond Sells for Record Price In 2014 Hong Kong real estate mogul Joseph Lau bought his daughter, Zoe, a rare 10 carat blue diamond for $32.6 million! But when his other daughter, Josephine, found out she understandably became jealous and asked him for an expensive diamond too. He couldn’t help but feel guilty and obliged to buy her something special as well.… Read More »

Turn Complaints into Opportunities

Complaints are Opportunities in Disguise Picky eaters like to whine and dine. But food isn’t the only thing people complain about. Although whining isn’t productive, it’s a legitimate coping mechanism that shifts blame and responsibility to other people. But if handled correctly, complaints can be turned into opportunities. In order for there to be a complaint, there must be something else… Read More »

Mortgage Investment Performance

Mortgage Investment Corporations Returns in 2015 The Toronto Stock Exchange lost about 9% last year. But one group of investments that performed well in 2015 were mortgage investment corporations (MIC.) In the beginning of 2015 I held three different MICs. Since I didn’t add any new positions throughout the year it’s easy to calculate my total annual returns from them. Let’s take a… Read More »