Monthly Archives: March 2013

Adjusted Cost Base for Anything

Good things come to those who wait. Unfortunately that’s not always the case for investors. I missed out on a good piece of farmland recently because I didn’t act quickly enough 🙁 Saw this posting last week. It’s on the website so anyone could browse all the various agricultural listings on there. This particular land is uber… Read More »

Too Much Debt

Jérôme Kerviel worked for the second largest bank in France, Société Générale, until he went rogue and made a lot of fraudulent trades. He cleverly execute trades by sending fake emails from hacked computers. If his trades were to have been successful he would have became very rich today. But with great opportunity comes great risk and unfortunately for… Read More »

The Golden Purchase

The government of Cyprus (a small island country near Turkey) announced they want to charge a one time tax on all their citizens’ savings and checking accounts, up to 9.9% of their balance (O_o) This is so the country can qualify for a $13 billion bail out package which they so desperately need. It certainly sets a very controversial precedent for… Read More »