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Weekend Business and Blog Roundup – Dec 1st

Mark J. Carney, the Governor of the Bank of Canada controls what our central bank does on interest rates. Governors get paid between $431,80 to $507,900.  The reason our mortgages are so affordable today, and why Canada didn’t have an economic meltdown during the last recession is largely because of Mr. Carney. Prior to his current job he… Read More »

The Mortgage Industry

Yesterday I went to the mortgage forum at the Vancouver Convention Center, put on by Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP.) They had an educational seminar followed by a meet-and-greet session with mortgage related companies. The whole event was to promote the mortgage industry and get people interested about starting a career in the vast mortgage market.… Read More »

Weekend Business and Blog Roundup – Nov 17th

Popular search terms that brought visitors to…. Nov 16th – from Halifax, NS… “canadian net worth statistics” The median net worth for an individual Canadian adult is $89,014. But the median net worth for a family in 2005 was $148,350.  Nov 15th – from Chicago, Illinois… “i bought apple stock on margin, what should i do” Depends on your investment… Read More »